Cleveland, Ohio

We need to install laminate for our house.

We made an appointment for measurements with the measure guy. He did not show up. When I called him, he said he forgot. Alright, so he came about a week later. So a week was delayed from getting quote from Lowes.

The measure guy said we would get the quote from Lowes the other day, at least in no more than two days. We did not get any calls in the following two days. So I called. They replied "I'm with the customer, I'll call you back." Now, it's been a week since the measurements was done, we never got their call back. In the meantime, I called everyday because every time I called I was promised to get a call back soon but never got any. Two weeks passed, I can't believe our constructed was delayed so much and we got nothing from Lowes.

Their customer service is awful! They are so low in efficiency. And when an explanation is needed they simply end your talk with a pretext. The Lowes that we're dealing with is in Bedford Heights OH. Never got any good experience in there. I'll never choose to shop there if I have other options.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Poor customer care, Never called back.

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