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So I placed an order online at Lowes today 1/11/18 to my local Tampa Florida Waters Avenue location to only get a call in which I was on hold for 30 minutes for them to just tell me that none of the items were available!!!! REALLY?!?!?!?!?

Than the girl thinks its funny. I have just been on hold for 30 minutes for you to laugh that the fact that I just spend 2 hours shopping and none of my items are available...I think not!!!!

Horrible Customer Service. This is my third and last bad experience at Lowes and will proceed shopping at Home Depot where I NEVER have this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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That's funny I just had the exact same experience about an order I placed today. The stuff that I ordered said that there was plenty in stock at my Lowe's and said the price was good until October 9th.

I got a call from them that said all my items were on clearance and just today they were liquidated and shipped out this morning to go back to the Warehouse. I called the customer service number and the woman told me that they don't control what the stores do with their items because I said that price was good until October 9th. To me if you're going to be a national and have your company name on that store then they should be honoring the price across all stores or at least offer that price from that store online.

So no more Lowe's shopping for me. Lowe's and Jimmie Johnson go hand in hand they're both arrogant *** holes and don't care anything about their customer or fans.


Does this surprise you. Try reaching out to Marvin Ellison, Michael McDermott, Sandy Dermondy or Kimberly Wells - all Executives with Lowes and what do they do - send you to the same person in the "Executive Committee" who can barely remember her email - kept sending me a fake email address.


100% Sucks