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We made some major appliance purchases at Lowes, which we eventually regretted. Expecting delivery a week later, one of four items arrived.

Calling the store we were informed two of the items were on backorder and we might expect them in six to eight weeks. The fourth item could not be located.

The department manager was as useful as holding a tennis racket over your head to block the rain. When the items were ordered the salesperson should have informed us of the back orders. Finally contacting the store manager we had a resolve to a very frustrating situation.

Albeit, another week passed before we had two of the three remaining items. Oh, we cancelled one of the items and instead purchased it at Home Depot

The floor staff at Lowes seem to be frustrated with customer service. On the other hand everybody seems to happy with going the extra distance to assist at Home depot.

Lowes is good for purchasing batteries or duct tape. But, Home depot gets our big bucks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

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The moral of the story is if you need appliances right away DON'T BUY APPLIANCES NOT IN STOCK AT THE STORE. Due to the lead time I expect you purchased either LG or Samsung appliances.

If LG or Samsung have them in their warehouses you will see delivery within 1-2 weeks. If the warehouse is out you have to wait for them to get more on a ship from Korea.

The manufactures aren't very good about letting stores know when products are backordered or how soon they will ship. It's easy to blame the store but it is really the manufacturer that isn't providing the information about delivery times that you want.


You could always just go through a well-to-do neighborhood on trash day and pick up a perfectly fine appliance that someone is throwing out. The owners probably don't feel like it is worth their time to try to sell it or have the Salvation Army come by and reject it, so they just put it to the curb. Hail, you could furnish a whole house that way with appliances and furniture and save enough money to buy yourself a brand new car.