Fort Smith, Arkansas

I went to Lowe's for a second gallon of $35 paint--I took the lid from the first gallon to be sure of an exact match.

The young woman at the paint counter failed to greet me; the other chewed gum. They took forever, and then they left.

When I asked for my paint, a third employee said it was still shaking (it was finished). He got angry and snatched away the paint when I asked why it was Tint B rather than Tint A like the orignal lid specified.

My money spends anywhere. My Lowes card is now cancelled. Lowes sucks.

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Tint A and tint B are the names for the 2 different tint machines they have


Do some research, Lowe's caters more to female shoppers than Home Depot, just like Home Depot caters more to Contractors than Lowe's does. Don't let one shopping experience defame an entire corporation, that's ridiculous.

You should put yourself in our shoes where we have customers talking down to us all day. And not because the "customer is always right" but because people have no respect for others.

So you had a bad shopping experience...we all do, but it's no reason to stop shopping somewhere. If you received that service every time you went to that store I could understand your point but instead of complaining on a forum to discourage other people from shopping there, you should have called Lowe's corporate (number is at Customer Service) or asked to speak to the Store Manager because I guarantee he would have fixed that problem immediately.