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I believe the reason that pay pal, EBAY & GE Capital now Synchrony Bank do this is that they want to really frustrate the customer stone wall them make up excuses to the point the customer just gives up. This is how they make lots of those “Illegal Billions”!

If you go online you will also find that “The Big Four” & Pay Pal along with EBAY are trying to get “Class Action Lawsuits” Banned imagine that! Gee I wonder why?

You can also see the “F” rating the BBB has given Kiana Wear along with what people that have also not received there items purchased have to say about this company & they are still doing business on the website! This is on the companies Facebook page & Pay Pal has been informed yet nothing has changed! They get to keep that money you paid them for as long as they can get away with it so that THEY make the interest NOT YOU! Holding monies is also another way they make their "Billions" in interest which you the customer should be getting.

The BBB is not associated with any state or federal agency they are a business. If the company pays them for ratings then they get “A’s” no matter what. But if you don’t pay the BBB you get “F’s”. You can go online & find this out.

The method of math that “The Big Four” use came from the seventh planet from the Sun in our Solar System that was named by an Ancient Greek Deity.

I cannot imagine just how many “Billions” of dollars these “Crooks” have swindled & cheated people out of & they are still doing it. They even get to keep the interest on your money WTF? They have changed their name now Four Times!

I really do believe that Pay Pal EBAY & “The Big Four” have people that work for them that are “Brain Dead”. They have the Philippines, Asia, India, South America amongst other countries they out source to & believe it or not the United States! Who knows maybe they will outsource to "Tin Buck Two in Space"!

You can go online for yourself to find out about what these "Crooks" are doing & what they want to be doing & see for yourself just how "EVIL" they really are. I really believe they came from the seventh planet in our Solar System from the Sun.

You can also thank our wonderful state & federal agencies that have known about this for years that are allowing them to *** the customer out of "Billions" of dollars made "Illegally" at the expense of the customer. I have only been dealing with this since 2011 filed lots of complaints & nothing is getting done & it is almost the year 2015!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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