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i ordered a counter top just cheap laminate and it will take 3 weeks now i am told i have to wait 2 more weeks. of course i know they are just lying because wilsonart is on lebanon rd and they are not in the process of moving which is their story. i wilk have to wait but wilk not buy anything lije this again there.
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Lowes Table
Reason of review
Order processing issue


I purchased 3 furniture on on 12/1/14 and was told they would shipped to me before or on the 24th. Online it states shipped and I have nothing. I've called 3 times and was told oh yes this is correct they will be there on or before the 24th. Today I called had to get to a "supervisor" Amanda that states sorry not until February 16th nothing we can do. I was told her Manager does not speak to the public there is nothing I can do. My Christmas dinner will now not have a table and chairs as I was guaranteed 3 times and nothing you will do Lowes. Not discount no nothing to your consumer. What happened to customer service?! I would be fired or fire an employee that didn't go above and beyond for my customers. BEWARE of they will take your money and do nothing for you but lie. I now have to wait 2.5 months to get products I needed that was guaranteed would be here in time for Christmas after numerous attempts. Despicable business practices Lowes. A discount wouldn't have solved my problem, but would have made me feel better as a consumer that you understood you made an error and care about your customers and desire them to continue shopping with you. Shame on you LOWES!!!!!
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Lowes Table
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Lowes in San Antonio, Texas - Bait and Switch

Purchased an outdoor patio table and chair set online. I was notified later that they no longer had that deal so I would have to purchase something else. Of course they offered nothing comparable to the quality nor price that I had originally purchased. They wanted much more $$$$ for a lesser set. The manage at the store was rude and even said I should probably go to Home Depot if I wanted something like that. Horrible service, did not even attempt to help. Will take him up on that offer!! What a bait and switch! San Antonio Lowes!
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bought an "in stock" item ($289) that needed to be installed. paid for it.

(vanity top for bathroom vanity)

the installer called me a few days later saying its not available anymore.

they have the same thing - same size and color - but with a slight different edge to it for $699.

i feel like its "bait and switch"

i get how its probably not; i just wish the web site was updated. we are not buying the new thing.


We have something similar going on with Lowes right now as well. We purchased online an ice maker kit on 01/19/2015.

It was shown as available and it would ship out in 3 days or less. It was on sale for 50.00. Of course the 3 days came and went and nothing. As of today, it is scheduled to be delivered by 02/18/2015.

Bad thing is, I can purchase the more expensive ice maker kit and pick up in the store today if I so choose. I feel as if this is a bait and switch as well trying to force me into buying the more expensive item. Seems to be more and more of a pattern with them.

Oh well. I'll keep plugging away with my issue and good luck with yours.


There is no bait and switch. Items go on sale and sell out fast, so no comparable items.

Too many people come into Lowes complaining about Home Depot and their horrible customer service. The majority of Lowes complaints are baseless. Lowes is not to blame for the credit card company, the manufacturer warranties, the vendor product delays, etc etc.

I doubt the majority of complainers have never worked retail. I love helping customers but some issues are beyond Lowes fault.


That is exactly why I don't shop at Lowes. I do all my shopping at Home Depot and if I really a part and it's not at Home Depot, I go to Ace Hardware!

I would never put up with any rude sales people like the one mentioned. I don't complain through the internet. I send my letter directly to the manager of that store which might get your problem solved. I love going through all the aisles at Home Depot.

My husband has to pull me out of the store. Those people at the are good people!!


That's what happens when you wait till the end of the year for closeout prices. They sell out. Next year buy earlier in the season, yes you may pay more but you'll get what you want.

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Lowes Table
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution

Lowes Let me Down

I noticed that Lowes had great deals on both the Skil Table Saw and Skil Compound Miter Saw during their after Thanksgiving Day event. I checked with my local store and of course they were out, so I decided to check their website. I managed to locate a Miter Saw at one of their stores and purchased it; so I presumed. After printing out the confirmation and receipt of my order, I went to another store to pick it up, where the saw supposedly was in-stock. BIG LIE! After the floor associate retrieved the product from the warehouse, the supervisor on duty told me that my order had been cancelled and that if I wanted one I could drive 3 hours to another store where I could get it where there was 10 on-hand. I have written a strongly worded letter to Lowes detailing the situation, and even offered a solution: them trucking one from Bend to Portland as my card has been charged.. I am sure I will never see a reply. So beware of Lowes and its online service. They obviously intend to sale items which they don't have and make no attempt to resolve problems. Home Depot will be happy.
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For your info..those were advertised "While supplies last:. We recieved 35 of each of the saws and they were gone in 2 hours....some by internet order.

If you wanted one you should have been at the store at 5 a.m. when we opened.

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Lowes Table

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