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Just finished installing a sprinkler system in 90 degree heat and at the end of the project I simply took back the 7 pieces of the system I did not use. Glad to be done with the project, I walked into Lowes and took at the products I did not use and asked for a refund.

I had the receipts but did not have my wallet with me. The cashier said he could not refund my purchase so I asked him to simply give me a credit that I could use another day. To my surprise, the cashier told me he couldn't do that without my wallet. Hold it, I bought some of the materials without a wallet.

What is the deal? I simply told the cashier he can keep the merchandise and now shop at Home Depot who has a better return policy.

Don't spend money at a retail store who gladly takes your money on products and then sticks it to you on a refund. I now shop at Home Depot.

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I have had EXCELLENT service when returning goods at Lowe's! I just returned $4k of special ordered merchandise and they didn't give me any issues whatsoever.

People have to be realistic about returns. There are scammers who buy stuff elsewhere and then take it to the store and ask for a refund, profiting the difference.

That's why they require ID. Cmon, be realistic, patient and nice to the refunds' counter and you'd be surprised how far that goes....


I hope everyone reads the comment above to get a good idea of the refund philosophy of Lowes Corporation. I have rarely complained about a retailer, and when I do, I generally get an apology or some effort to try to rectify the problem.

However, the comment from the Hot Headed Lowes Employee above highlights the fact that they would rather fight, abuse, or trivialize a customer's feedback comment. However, the "hot headed writer" above asked me to tell the whole story, so I will. I did forget my wallet and credit card. Yes, I did also drive to the store--because as I stated before, I forgot my wallet.

What I didn't add to the story was that I did not expect a refund. I simply asked the service desk to exchange these items with one simply sprinkler head. In other words, simply take these items of value and let me run to the back of the store to get one more sprinkler head to finish the project. In short, I give them X amount of products back and they give me less than X amount of products back.

Lowes gets the best in that exchange. Well they even refused to exchange (no tax liability or fee with this transaction). There is more to the story. Later on I spoke to the manager of the Lowes store and he apologized to me (unlike Hot Headed Lowes corporate above).

In fact, the local manager told me the employee should of, at minimum, allowed me to exchange the products. Now you know the rest of the story.


Why don't you tell the whole story? It's not your wallet they wanted but what was in it.

I expect you used a credit card to make the purchase. When a retailer makes a sale on a credit card they pay a fee to the issuer of the card. When you return a product they make the refund to the same card so they can get the fee returned to them as well.

Just because you just got done installing a sprinkler system on a hot day doesn't give you the right to be a hot headed consumer and think the store has to bend the rules for you. Hope you didn't drive to the store as I expect your drivers license was in your wallet as well.