Toronto, Ontario

hardwood floors/stairs vs different colour in stairs.Get your act together Roha and Ljupco,NO i am NOT paying exta for the mistake you created.Customer service to many people and different people all the time.Just keep on passing the blame,if you dont wont to correct it just say so.Disappointed in Ljupco Dimovski you gave me your word that is would be fixed.Im still waiting,wont be going back to LOWES''This installation and mateials cost $16146.39 cash what a mistake.Should have done monthly then I could have stoped payment.Luka you should be ashamed off yourself for handling this like it is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Your complaint is filled with grammatical errors and doesn't make much sense. All we know is you are disappointed and how much money you spent.

What's the issue here?

What is the process they are going through? Did you file a corporate complaint?


woo,wont be going to Lowes :?

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