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I handed my credit card to the person at the register, he swiped it thru the machine then put the last 4 numbers in the cash machine, when I question him why he stated that the transaction would not go thru, I stated that it was approved when it was swiped, I then said if you think the card is phony I have my drivers li. and also other photo ID, I asked for a manager and when asked the same questions he said in is store policy.

I called my credit card company to ask if they needed it and was it there policy they stated NO I then called Lowes Offices and asked the same questions, after talking to 3 different people who could not answer my questions. I got transfered to the corporate office who could not give me answers, she said she would get me answers and call back in 24 hrs.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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We ask you for your 4 digits to VERIFY THE CARD IS LEGAL AND NOT COPIED. I'm very sorry you have a hard time with basic credit card security.

You see, people can make a copy of your magnetized strip, put it on the back of "your" card, then swipe it. If the last 4 digits DON'T match, it means your card has BEEN STOLEN. Seriously. You are the kind of *** we have to deal with every.

***. day.

Do everyone in retail a favor. Shop online.


I am the person who wrote this complaint and after 3 weeks of waiting for a answer to why they enter the last 4 numbers of your credit card into there machine I AN STILL WAITING, they already have the last 4 numbers of your credit card when you run it thru there machine, WHAT ARE THEY TRACKING WITH THISE NUMBERS


I have worked in retail and many stores ask for the last four digits, the reason is to make sure the last four match the encoded strip. It is a security precaution.


The purpose of entering the last 4 digits on the card is just to try to help prevent card theft, it only happens over a certain amount, and it gives the cashier an opportunity to ask for proper identification if the card is not signed or otherwise says "see id" on the back.


Your last four numbers of your credit card are on every receipt you have ever used it for. The process is to ensure cashiers check the card as required by law.


WOW!!! What do you think they can do with the last 4 numbers of your credit card. Sound to me like they are just trying to prove the cashier looked at the card.


Well I can answer this for you. Lowes is not tracking your card and it is policy.

The reason is for your protection. When they take card for the last 4 digits they are to check the back of the card for your signature.

If it's not signed they are to ask for ID to make sure it's not someone using a card that isn't theres. Hope this helps!