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So I order a 200+ dollar medicine cabinet from Lowes on line. I wait for a month for it to be shipped from Kraftmaid.

I finally get the call that the cabinet is in so I drive the fifty something miles to go pick it up. They bring this huge and very heavy carton to the service desk and thanked me for my purchase leaving me standing there with this enormous box. So I went and got a shopping carriage, used the service desk for leverage and laid it across the carriage, then loaded It onto my truck by myself. Through this whole process I was not asked once if I needed assistance.

It gets better. A few days later I install the cabinet. Not one piece of paper with directions are in that box, but I'm pretty handy so I install it and connect the light bar and screw it in securely. But when I go to put the glass in, the three pieces they gave me were 21 inches and my cabinet measures 28 inches across.

I called Lowes to see if I could get the right glass shipped to me, and was told that the item # I have comes up as a vanity and not a medicine cabinet. So I will have to disassemble it, pack it up, and drive it 50 miles back to the store so that they can look at it. Naturally as luck would have it, as I'm disassembling it I chip a piece of the glass. Now I'm really pissed.

I will bring back the cabinet and I will get my money back.

And if they won't send somebody out to help me bring it in, I swear I'll leave it right in the friggin parking lot. After this, they'll never see my face again in Lowes again, ever!

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wow thats ridiculous i work at a lowes in tx and we would never do that to a customer.. if i even see a customer slightly struggling or anything i always ask or try and help them myself.. the lowes you went to needs to learn some customer service


Wow Jeff Sounds like a hosing all the way around on this one. Perhaps asking to speak to the store manager first would have been the answer.

Perhaps he-she would have been able to come up with a solution for you other then you hitching up the buggy for another trek to the store. I happen to know that once in awhile Kraftmaid ships the wrong glass and they would ship the right to you directly. Sounds like you spoke to one of their recently decommissioned sales staff who really could give a *** about your long drive. Leaving it in the parking lot will only cost you the money you paid.

If the store manager refuses to be decent ask for his market directors number.

Bet you get it for close to half price!! Good Luck

Signed one of the recently hosed associates.