Lowes flooring installation...BEWARE

Our family decided to install tile flooring in the section of our house that is built on concrete slab. We went to our local Lowes store and looked at flooring. We really liked the Rialto White 12x12 tile. Not knowing how to install tile , we asked Lowes to send one of their contractors out to measure our floor and give us an estimate. There was a $35.00 non-refundable estimate fee, that would be rolled into the job if we signed with Lowes. We were told that for installation, Lowes charges $5.97 per square foot. On Tuesday July 24, the measurer and installer, Walt H. came to measure. He was friendly and told us he was second generation in his company. This gave us confidence in his expertise. The next Thursday, 7-26 we went to the store to collect some samples of the tile, and while there were handed the estimate.

The amount of tile indicated as needed on the form was 805 square feet for tile, amounting to $1,762.95 for the tile.. The amount for the installation was $5.97 x 805, or $4,805.85. There were incedentals, like thinset and grout. The total was $6,807.64.

This estimate puzzled me greatly. The reason was that my husband and son measured the amount of flooring that we had, and the total they came up with was 663 square feet (another company had measured our floor and reported it was 680 square feet, at least in the ballpark). This was supposed to be an experienced professional doing the measuring, but the numbers were greatly different. I know that there is a percentage added to the amount of tile you get for waste. But adding the 10% extra for waste would only bring the total of tile needed to 725 square feet. We would not expect to purchase more that that with experienced, professional installers on the job. So they expected us to purchase 80 square feet we did not need. I know we could return this, but it would be ***, and inconvienient.

Then there is the issue that in the estimate we got it stated that we would be charged the installation on the 805 square feet on the form, not the actual 663 square feet being installed. We were expected to pay to install phantom flooring.

So Lowes wanted us to buy a large amount of product we did not need, and then pay an installation fee on it, whether or not we needed it. This seems to be a nice arrangement. For the business. We would have paid around $1,000.00 more for the job than needed.

Even adding in a few square feet if we measured poorly, this seems to be padding the charge excessivly. When we first called Lowes and spoke to Jeff in flooring, he said they figure the footage according to the measurements they are given. So their measurements must have been close to that. When I asked why we were being charged for 805 square feet of installation, he said the installers are paid for every square foot of product that goes out the door (not the amount of square footage to be installed) ! I then Called Walt H who did the measurement. I asked why the square footage was so high, and told him what our figures were. He said his measurements were close to ours, and that we should call Lowes again, perhaps have a remeasure and have someone else install it, and quickly ended the call. I called Lowes again, and was told I should call the central office. I spoke to a Olivia, who took my complaint. Someone from the central office said the manager of the store would call me.The manager of the Lowes, Kim called me, and I spoke to her and told her the situation. She said she would look into it. I said I felt cheated, like someone tried to take advantage of us. Later, Mike from flooring called to ask if we would be using their installation service. I explained the situation to him, said I had no longer any trust in the integrity of Lowes, and would also try to get the tile elsewhere. I stated that there was something wrong with this, and I would be putting this information into a review to warn others. I also called the FTC. I also let the BBB know.

I also want my $ 35.00 measurement and estimate fee returned. I have no problem paying a fee when I know about it, but I do not like paying someone to try to rip me off. I will pursue this. The final thought is that we feel so insulted that someone in this process considered us so *** and gullible that they could blatantly inflate the charges on our job. Do we look that ignorant? Or do they just do this to all their customers? Makes you think.

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Of course companies like that will ALWAYS try to outweigh the "average consumer" for the fact that when people are willing to pay a convenience price, they tend to stack all of these unnecessary fees and over charge on installation. When you have a big name, heads get big too.

I mean have you seen the prices for their cleaning products? Dish soap $4.99?! I can go to the dollar store and get the same brand for $1.00. WAY too much markup.

Even in my tradesman status, I charge $4.30/sq ft($3,440.00) to install tile for 800sq not to include supplies. $3.62/sq ft for laminate or hardwood. No nonsense "Estimate Fee" either, I personally think that's a dumb fee to have.

People that call you and agree for you to see what to do, there's no way on earth to charge my clients such a stupid fee. Find a good tradesman(Handyman) that knows what they are doing and have done some good work and avoid corporate level companies to handle your work.


I have been in flooring for over 30 years and work for Lowe's for 16 of them years and they do pay installer probably half or less of the total installation job... it is better to find a good seasoned installer to do your jobs on the side however you run the risk of that installer not guaranteeing their work properly and may disappear if you try to reach them due to a problem.


You realize the 12x12 tiles won’t fit perfectly in the area you want it installed in right ? Is it all one open room ?

There’s gonna be a whole lot of cutting if it’s not an open area . That’s where most of the waste comes from .


I will not be using Lowes for my tile installation. Thanks for the warning. Doesn’t sound like Lowes did anything to ensure this wouldn’t happen again.


I read this just before I was headed to my local Lowe's for tile estimates. Not any longer.


That’s unfortunate. I have had two homes remodeled by Lowe’s and my tile floors are perfect.

I worked with them through choosing everything. The work is guaranteed you know.


Well, I am very glad to have spotted those reviews. I am now very reluctant to purchase anything from Lowes.

I was in the process of purchasing wood floors from Lowes with installer included. I will think twice now before even considering Lowes and will research other companies...


Thanks for sharing your experience!


I have learned the hard way that it's better to find your own installer and just go get the materials yourself and don't go through Lowes or Home Depot. The installers have told me themselves that they are no longer with either company due to the fact that the installers get paid very little from Lowes and hd.

Meanwhile hd and Lowes get paid the big amounts.

Also apparently the installers get the run around a lot and spend a lot of time waiting on hd and Lowes. I still shop both places but installation services for everything seems to be lacking majorly.

to Me #1487018

I did not mention that I have a contractor and yes he did tell me how many feet to buy for the bathrooms and shower but to be on the safe side he suggested I get 3 more boxes, just in case. I still have the 3 extra boxes to return to the store but that's not a big deal.

Better to have it for him than have him have to stop mid point for me to go buy more. Additionally, he suggested I keep one box in the garage in case I ever needed it for years later. Honestly I feel like I'd rather directly pay the installer for their labor and save myself money than go through hd or Lowes nightmares again.

Sidenote: I can literally see each and every tile was used in my home. That's integrity.


Thanks! I appreciated the education!


Lowes settled a 1.1 million lawsuit over this same thing yrs ago????!!!!


We are just in the middle of Lowes doing the flooring in two rooms. LOTS of 'issues'!

Instead of a repeat of what others here have already said, I will add their rip off chart for 'moving appliances'. We were told we could do it, or they could do it, but the appliances all had to be out of the room. Not having our own dolly to do this we paid $70.00 for each appliances. I emptied the fridge for them thinking it would be 'tipped back' on the dolly as it was moved out.

We cleared a large area in the dining room. No removal occurred. I paid all that money so they could just slide them over a few feet, do the area, then slide it back ( similar to how I move them when I clean, only when I clean, the fridge is full). Their explanation was that they assess the necessity when they start the job( huh?

They were here when we paid them to assess the job and give us an estimate). I complained that if they were in fact not actually moving them out of the room with dollies, we should have been given the option to also assess the situation again and have the option to slide them over a few feet ourselves and save almost $200.00. Too tied to list all the other annoyances and manipulations.

We have several other big house renos coming up: Lowes has just lost thousands in business due to their petty rip offs. I will be telling everyone I know too.

to Mia #1463878

I too just cancelled a floor installation job with Lowe’s. They wanted $3,000 for removal of 832 sq ft of laminate flooring and appliance removal.

The appliance is a refrigerator on wheels. I feel like if they are dishonest enough to price gouge, they can’t be trusted to do a good job.


And, Lowes requires all the $$$$$$ up front

to Ek #1572983

What state are u in


Same thing happened to me at Lowe's.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1333960

Absolutely terrible customer service and good luck trying to find someone in the store to help you.


After reading all of these reviews, I will never purchase flooring through this company. Thank you to everyone who took the time to warn someone else, and I'll also make sure no one I know uses this company. Wow.


Lowes always does that. I have my own tile buisness and all the big companies are way higher than I am Bc they have alot of over head and employees they have to pay so to inflate every customers numbers helps them I'm always lower than anyone Bc I have no over head and I work for my self

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