Lowes flooring installation...BEWARE

Our family decided to install tile flooring in the section of our house that is built on concrete slab. We went to our local Lowes store and looked at flooring. We really liked the Rialto White 12x12 tile. Not knowing how to install tile , we asked Lowes to send one of their contractors out to measure our floor and give us an estimate. There was a $35.00 non-refundable estimate fee, that would be rolled into the job if we signed with Lowes. We were told that for installation, Lowes charges $5.97 per square foot. On Tuesday July 24, the measurer and installer, Walt H. came to measure. He was friendly and told us he was second generation in his company. This gave us confidence in his expertise. The next Thursday, 7-26 we went to the store to collect some samples of the tile, and while there were handed the estimate.

The amount of tile indicated as needed on the form was 805 square feet for tile, amounting to $1,762.95 for the tile.. The amount for the installation was $5.97 x 805, or $4,805.85. There were incedentals, like thinset and grout. The total was $6,807.64.

This estimate puzzled me greatly. The reason was that my husband and son measured the amount of flooring that we had, and the total they came up with was 663 square feet (another company had measured our floor and reported it was 680 square feet, at least in the ballpark). This was supposed to be an experienced professional doing the measuring, but the numbers were greatly different. I know that there is a percentage added to the amount of tile you get for waste. But adding the 10% extra for waste would only bring the total of tile needed to 725 square feet. We would not expect to purchase more that that with experienced, professional installers on the job. So they expected us to purchase 80 square feet we did not need. I know we could return this, but it would be ***, and inconvienient.

Then there is the issue that in the estimate we got it stated that we would be charged the installation on the 805 square feet on the form, not the actual 663 square feet being installed. We were expected to pay to install phantom flooring.

So Lowes wanted us to buy a large amount of product we did not need, and then pay an installation fee on it, whether or not we needed it. This seems to be a nice arrangement. For the business. We would have paid around $1,000.00 more for the job than needed.

Even adding in a few square feet if we measured poorly, this seems to be padding the charge excessivly. When we first called Lowes and spoke to Jeff in flooring, he said they figure the footage according to the measurements they are given. So their measurements must have been close to that. When I asked why we were being charged for 805 square feet of installation, he said the installers are paid for every square foot of product that goes out the door (not the amount of square footage to be installed) ! I then Called Walt H who did the measurement. I asked why the square footage was so high, and told him what our figures were. He said his measurements were close to ours, and that we should call Lowes again, perhaps have a remeasure and have someone else install it, and quickly ended the call. I called Lowes again, and was told I should call the central office. I spoke to a Olivia, who took my complaint. Someone from the central office said the manager of the store would call me.The manager of the Lowes, Kim called me, and I spoke to her and told her the situation. She said she would look into it. I said I felt cheated, like someone tried to take advantage of us. Later, Mike from flooring called to ask if we would be using their installation service. I explained the situation to him, said I had no longer any trust in the integrity of Lowes, and would also try to get the tile elsewhere. I stated that there was something wrong with this, and I would be putting this information into a review to warn others. I also called the FTC. I also let the BBB know.

I also want my $ 35.00 measurement and estimate fee returned. I have no problem paying a fee when I know about it, but I do not like paying someone to try to rip me off. I will pursue this. The final thought is that we feel so insulted that someone in this process considered us so *** and gullible that they could blatantly inflate the charges on our job. Do we look that ignorant? Or do they just do this to all their customers? Makes you think.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Flooring department at Lowes Stores seem to have credibility problem. Xenia Ohio store also does the same thing.


We had Lowe’s install tile in our small entryway and hardwood in our living room and down our hall. When the job was over, we ended up with an entire box of hardwood flooring to be returned.

A couple of years later we had Lowe’s install carpet and pad in the basement, we chose the best pad they had at the highest price per square foot. Again we had a huge amount of carpet left over but the excess carpet could not be returned. This is how they cheat you by making you pay for square foot install over and above what you need. Unknowingly we picked a carpet that was not dog friendly and although our pups don’t spend much time in the basement family room, their nails snagged the carpet in several places, that was on us not researching what kind of carpet to purchase with dogs.

I pulled the carpet up, there were no stains at all on the carpet or pad. Back to Lowe’s to look at pet friendly carpet, no need to purchase a new pad since the old one was the best quality and only a year old. Lowe’s refused to lay a new carpet without us purchasing a new pad. I spoke to Lowe’s as well as the flooring store who Lowe’s subcontracts to, both pointed their fingers blaming each other as to why they wouldn’t lay a new carpet over a 1 year old pad.

I ended up paying someone to lay the carpet on the side of his normal flooring installation job, he measured the room, told me how much carpet to purchase and there was very little waste when he completed the job, reaffirming Lowe’s inflates the square footage to increase installation costs.

I write this as I was contemplating going to Lowe’s to inquire about having a tile floor laid in our hall bathroom. Thanks for reminding me why that’s a bad idea!


Well I just got my estimate back for 428 square feet and it was $7163.00 without the tile. After I add in $1.99 sq ft tile they are charging me $18.35 per square foot. Does this seem right??


perhaps $5/foot but then your dealing with Lowes.

@Roger w Bxa

Lowes does overcharge and under deliver.


Same experience with Siding, think how many Customers assume there dealing with an Ethical Company. At least you checked the measurements and are out the $35 fee and your time. Do others the Favor of Posting your experience on other Social Media Sights.


Apparently you want to nickel & dime the job, so if you’re so tight with your money, then do it yourself or hire a weekend installer & take your chances. Good luck.


sounds like the Lowes Guy that OVER CHARGED you




Lowes figures they can make more $ by doing just the minimum, and then say you can SUE knowing not many will.


Adda Boy !!!! Your not the first and won't be the last to get SCREWED by a Contractor.

But "DON'T blame Lowes.

This comes from experience. I hope everything worked out for the best.


DON'T BLAM LOWES?? Their Influence over the Contractor is REFLECTED in how they Screw the Customer!


Lowes is the Contractor!


Thank you for sharing your experience. I will not be using them for any future work.


Lowes will rip you off, similar experience at Lowes in Redmond, Oregon, walked off Sidding Job leaving it UNFINISHED, Contract required Arbitration with stipulation that you can't be reimbursed for Legal Fee's even if you PREVAIL.


Lowes is GREEDY, short term PROFITS aren't important as REPUTATION!


LOWES plays the numbers, notice the bigger complaints are less likely to get resolved

@Roger w

Don't count on Lowes to do the Right Thing.


old post but it shows that lowes attempt to run a company that brings value to it's product has been corrupted by management! incentives for PROFITS & NOT QUALITY!

@Roger w


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