Chicago, Illinois
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kobalt tools suck all off them! the break. they give you a hard time to replace them

what happend to made in usa? i'm a nascar fan and it *** me off to see the #48

team promote such garbage. bring back usa tools! im a union carpenter these

tools are junk! dont buy them. home owners beware you wont be happy with

them.i cant see a pro race team using these tools. their are a lot of quality tool

companies out there ones who care about producing quilty product.

so buyer beware these tools are junk.if you judge a man by his tools these

tools aren't a way to start out. they are *** every one of them

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Joliet, Illinois, United States #1346858

Completely agree they've dssappointed me for last time. I assume they were trying to replicate craftsman with warranty and innovative tools. The quality is terrible and warranty tough to neotiate.


Their side cutting pliers can't even cut tie wire!!! I'm on the phone with them know because their chinese workbench I bought has a sheet metal piece that is stamped wrong.

AFter 30 min knowbody will answer the f#$kin phone! Craftsman sucks now too that they went to china. So for me Klein, and ebay for New old stock craftsman tools that are made in the usa. And even klein has a bunch of china junk, however screwdrivers etc are still made in the USA.

I would be so embarrassed to have tool box full of kobalt tools. Most of it looks like a cavemen's tools


Kobalt tools are garbage for sure. I have yet to have one not bust on me.

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