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was renovating my rental property to sell. got some trim and other items in March.

contractor said he needed 20 pieces of trim to finish job and to get the same item i ordered before. went on line and ordered 20 pieces. said 22 in stock on line so i thought i was good to go. got a call 2 hours later and said they were completely out but the Lowes 30 miles away had 35 pieces and i should call them.

Of course the stupid employee couldn't call for me. i called the on in Knoxville on N. Peters as they had the 35 pieces. they said no...they only had 12...but don't worry they say...call the Clinton Highway location and they have 30 in stock...called them and no...they only had 6...as i called and followed on the internet i saw their numbers fall...i was doing their inventory for them i thought...

anyway....contractor said to get the 12 on N. Peters and 12 of anything else that was close and he could make do....called N. Peters Lowes back and was told he would go count them....hold it...you said you had the 12 40 min. earlier...calls me back and he's only got 6...so between 3 stores they had 87 on the computer but they really had 12...finally after getting put on hold and cut off a few times got the manager to process my order over the phone for the 6 he had and 15 of "something similar"....finally we were ready for the carpet...they advertised free installation if you spent 700.00....scheduled a measurement with Service Pro's who Lowe's denies is a sister company but Lowe's is their only customer and when you go to Service Pro's website...they have pix of installers in Lowes vests..LOL....someone forgot to input the estimate so after waiting all day no one showed up and they said they would try again next week....this was on a Thursday and we were going on vacation the next week...after raising *** they finally got someone out on Friday to measure......got the estimate when we got back from vacation and it had an "install charge" but what about the free installation....Adam ( the manager) tried to tell me that was for the padding which we had to buy from Service Pro's because of the warranty....the carpet was 700 but the padding was over 1k....i inquired as to why i couldn't buy padding from Lowes and Adam said it was a warranty issue....but the padding that was half the price had a warranty not for the life of the carpet but for the life of the house...when confronted with this Adam turned it over to corporate who finally allowed me to buy the half price padding from them with the warranty for the life of the house...not the life of the carpet but the life of the house.....then Adam lets us know the carpet we chose was on back order and wouldn't be in for a month...ran down to Lowes and got another one they had in stock that was 0.26/sq.

ft. cheaper....congrats Adam...you just screwed yourself out of about 234.00 more....so the estimate that started at about 2500 was now under 1600.....got a call from Service Pros scheduling the install on 6/7....but they said i was mistaken and it was 6/8....so finally yesterday was the day....you think they couldn't screw this up anymore.....yep they did...they show up at my house instead of the rental prop...no problem...its only 5 miles and my wife was leaving for work so she takes them there....only to find out...THEY BROUGHT THE WRONG CARPET!!!!! you figure that *** manager Adam at the Harriman Tn Lowes could at least make sure the right carpet was loaded and send his installers to the right address....i mean you got caught trying to screw me on padding...your inventory is all screwed up....you forgot to schedule the measurement ....can you do even one thing right??? sent the crew back to the store and they got the right carpet and got it installed....only took a damn month....and to Adam...the manager....how do you sleep at nite....??

you're just pissed that you got caught being a crook and an incompetent manager....your people can't even use a damn phone without hanging up....for those who use them in the future...Service Pros is a sister company and when they tell you an installation is free....they going to find a way to add it back to the Service Pros padding...who the *** would pay more for padding than the carpet....hey Adam...was i wearing lipstick??? i ask because i like to be kissed when i getting *** and and i

User's recommendation: don't trust these slimeballs.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Lowes Pros: Prices good but watch out for them screwing you.

Lowes Cons: Lying pos.

Location: 1800 Roane State Highway, Harriman, TN 37748

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