We bought ours in July 2012 used it only five times before the cold weather came thru. We tried to use it in May 2013 and it would not stay on.

We were told it would not be covered under warranty yet the manufacturer warranty covers two years. When we took it for maintenance Lowe's would not give us the number to where it was sent out. They supposedly fixed it and charged us a fee for doing nothing to it since it did not work.

We are sending our expenses to Troy Bilt to reimburse us. We also had to take it back cause it was not fixed proeprly, it's still not tuirning on and Lowe's is now going to replace it.

Monetary Loss: $363.

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My guess is the gas in the mower was stale from sitting so long. Once you got it back you went and filled it up with gas that was sitting around in a can from last year as well.

Try fresh gas and you may well have a mower that runs just fine. Be sure to put stabilizer in the new gas you buy to help it last longer.


you are trying to get money back from Troy Bilt AND Lowes...kind of shady

to sooo... #664967

You must make some kinda good money responding to every Lowes complaint in the past day!

you are a liar

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