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Lowes Troy-bilt 7.75 T 21"cut Self-propelled mower transmission slips after

4 months of use. I called Customer Service nearest repair center (mower shop), and brought it in to the shop.

I stayed while they checked it out and the repairman said "It's the transmission, warranty item." They called later and said only some grass

was "caught up" needing cleaned plus the blade needed replaced:$43 parts & labor.

Yes, it still slips. Call 1-888-77LOWES for the service center near you,

go there & talk to the marks (oops,customers). They will tell you "Do yourself a favor and go buy somewhere else."

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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2015 Troy Built Pony lawn tractor is a piece of crap. The frame is stripped out so the steering column is screwed.

There is no repair for it.

So a gently used, excellent shape tractor is now junk. ARE YOU FREEKING KIDDING ME!


Bought a TroyBilt TB110 mower at the end of the summer last year. Used it exactly ONCE.

Now it won't start. I've taken it apart, cleaned it, replaced the spark plug - I *can* get it to fire if I do just the right rain dance, hold my tongue just so, spray some starter fluid into the carb, etc. - but it will only run for a few seconds until the fluid's gone. I pulled the plug and put a teaspoon of gas in the spark plug hole, and that had the same result - fires, runs for a couple seconds, dies again.

It's pretty clearly a fuel issue.

I've not run ethanol fuel in it.

I find it simply unacceptable that a brand new mower will only work once between having to have the *** engine rebuilt. That is the absolute last thing I ever buy at Lowe's, and I'll be goddammed if I ever buy TroyBilt again!


Did you try draining the old fuel and filling it with FRESH fuel. People using stale gas is one of the biggest problems encountered with small engines.

That's why manufactures don't accept returns of small engine products and require that they be taken to a repair shop for evaluation. They will repair them if there is a defect but the consumer will be charged if the problem is caused by the consumer.


I have a 50 " Troy-Built Zero Turn XP 25 hp mower. Its four years old.

I have a significant safety problem. I can't keep the gas cap on the mower. I don't quite fill it with gas. then make sure the gas cap is on properly.

Start mowing. After around 10 to 15 minutes I smell gasoline, turn around finding the gas cap is off and gasoline is sloshing out of the tank. I turn the mower off and get away from it until the gasoline has dried. Then start the mower and continue cutting for around one hour.

The cap stays on!

This happens each time I mow. I had the gas tank replaced, the cap replaced and this worked for several months. Then the same thing has began again for this mowing season.

Anyone had this problem and if so how did you resolve it. It seems that there is a pressure build up in the tank and blows the cap off???


Fancy 4-stroke Troybuilt *** trimmer.

Start cord recoiler broke due to a shltty ***-made junk piece.

Cost of piece: $75.

Labor $75.

Bought a shltty Ryobi 2-stroker trimmer.

Simpler, lighter, less expensive. I hate Ryobi SHlT too, but I bought the POS because it would accept the cutting head from the Troyshlt trimmer.


Every bit of troy bilt gear I have bought (1 pony lawn tractor and 2 *** trimmers) are junk


I bought a troy built pony from Lowes about 6 months ago. It's failed twice.

I also had the so-called service agreement. Never once did they pay up. First time they claimed it was my fault for using gas with ethanol. Well they never said anything about not using ethanol juiced gas until AFTER I bought the mower.

I started using the non-ethanol gas even though I have to drive 5 mi to find a non-ethanol gas source. Didn't keep receipts, so when the transaxle fails they give me the same song and dance about not using ethanol and I can't prove them wrong so I am screwed again. I thought using ethanol gas was good for the environment? Isn't forcing people to look around for non-ethanol gas an EPA violation?

Somebody needs to put this company down for good, legally that is. What about a class action suit against Troy and Lowes? Lowes sells garbage and de-frauds their customer’s worst than any store I've ever shopped at.

If I were you I would steer clear of anything with the name on it. :(


My 1.5 year old troy-bilt 7.75 has lots of issues as well. 1.5 years old and im already looking for a different mower.

still has 1.5 years of warrinty but its worthless in ohio.

fuel is to blame for my mower issues they tell me its the fuel quality in ohio. so if you live in ohio and plan on buying a troy-bilt mower expect to have your gas shipped in from out of state


Wish I'd read this page before today. Bought a TB110 from Lowe's this morning.

Followed the manual - added oil, put a bit of gas in the tank and tried to fire it up. No luck. Then I noticed fuel pouring out of the air filter housing on the deck. It was defective right out of the box.

As soon as the gasoline all dries up, it's going back pronto. GARBAGE.


i got a auto matic troy built and in less then two yrs it been in the shop 5 times and I have a warrentee on it but it cost me $$$$ everytime they repair it I should have bought a John Deer with all the money I put into it its really *** made 803 482 3068 thanks for the headaches


i got a auto matic troy built and in less then two yrs it been in the shop 5 times and I have a warrentee on it but it cost me $$$$ everytime they repair it I should have bought a John Deer with all the money I put into it its really *** made 803 482 3068 thanks for the headaches


I bought a 50" zero turn troy bilt mower and ever since I bought it it has been nothing but trouble. The tires kept going flat, hour meter not working, gas cap is so tight the I can hardly get it off.

The mower deck has fallen apart and just recently the lift mechanism broke. I've had to replace the lift cable because at $5.00 a pop I just couldn't afford to keep replacing them. I paid $3000.00 for a junk mower. I will never buy another troy bilt product.

I mow 4 acres and The mower is alwasy breaking down.

If Troy bilt would stand behind their equipment they could buy it back. Then I could buy a real quality built mower that wouldn't break down every time I wanted to mow.


I agree the Troy Bilt Model TB110 sucks, as I got one last september, and now it has a blown main gasket. I had the oil checked before I mowed, and went by the manual.

Then on the second round of mowing nothing but smoke all of a sudden. I know the trouble you have with the warranty, but the chinese made parts are nooooooooooo good. I paid almost two hundred dollars from a mower from Lowes that is a piece of junk.

Please don't make the same mistake. Ger a Murry.....


I own a huge repair shop, the reasonn the MTD/Troy Bilt transmissions is failing is because you keep the transmission engaged when you pull it backwards, this tears up the gears in the transmission. When I tell the customer why their transmission failed they all say, oh yah... I guess I do that.


hey Great Experience 10 years ago Troy-Bilt was just what the name is Troy Built.Built in Troy NY by Americans, since then in 2001 MTD now owns Troy-Bilt, and just like anything else whatever MTD touches turns to *** and 99% of it is made in china. for all the companies that are still standing alone Ariens, Toro, Snapper, Murray, John Deere and Husqvarna.Please never sell out to MTD we have to have good American made products.


The real problem is that the majority of people that purchase these types of product are only concerned with one thing: price. If Lowe's started selling higher quality products than the competition that costs 20% more, their sales would plummet.

At least 80% of the returns and problems that I have seen with returns have to do with owners incompetence. If you take care of the equipment the way it is supposed to and actually keep the CORRECT amount of oil in it, it will work just fine.


I bought a troybilt mower 10 years ago. Truthfully did not take care of it at all.

Never had oil change, never brought it in for service. Still running today. I am looking now into purchasing a new one because the self-propel is not working.

Not sure of all the complaints. I also looked at some review recently and of 50 review 47 were extremely positive.


Im. Not sure if you guys realize that lowes offers extra warranty for 3years or 4 to cover your lawn mower 100% parts and labor


Returned from Afghanistan and bought a Troy-bilt riding mover - Problems Problems Problems. Lowes doesn't stand behind the product and doesn't care.

Also bought a Troy-bilt tiller and after using two times doesn't work.

Don't buy Troy-bilt and Lowes. If you do - you will be sorry!


Mother in law bought the *** warranty but Lowes said they "sold it" and the co that bought it is bankrupt. At these prices, many think they are getting good stuff. Get used to it people, when Wal-mart takes over EVERYTHING, this is what you'll get with no choice.