Medford, Oregon

I bought a troy built pony riding lawnmower on March 11th from Lowes Medford store. I brought it home to find it didn't start.

I ran it to "One and all rentals in Talent who is an authorized dealer for Troy built. A warning about repair shops and Warrenty. It's been two weeks and they have the engine running. The problem is this don't expect this shop to send the Warrenty in as they say they have a stack of paper work on warranty's to go thru.

I have thirty days to return the lawnmower back to the store. I'm forced to pay out of pocket expense for the repair work. Lowes said, they would exchange the mower out for another one. Don't make a mistake like I did by not having them start the mower before I purchased the equipment.

Troy built Warrenty will do nothing to warrant their equipment until the repair shop is sent in. That means one may have to wait along time. I have 30 days from the date of purchase to bring the lawnmower back to the store.

Don't rely on Troy built and don't rely on All in one rentals to expedite the paper work. I think I have a right to be upset.

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