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Bought a Troy-built zero turn mower at the lowes in shelbyville Ky on 8-9-12 they tried to charge me $200.00 more than the tag attached to the mower. They claimed that the price was $2,799.00 not $2,599.00. After telling them they have it out front for $2599.00 and waiting 10-15 min for someone to go outside twice and bring the sign in they sold it to me for the $2599.00. They tried to sell me a two year warranty and when I asked how long the MFG warranty was they told me "1 year" and this warranty would make it two years. (Remember that point). I declined the warranty and took the mower home.

With the dry hot weather I only used it 3 times until end of Oct. While mowing end of Oct the drive belt fell off twice and I put it back on and finished mowing. The next time I mowed Nov. it came off again and while putting it back on I noticed that the Cheap soft plastic cooling fan blades had been hitting the belt and melted the tips of the fan into hook shapes that pulled the belt off ever time you start the mower.

Took it in to Lowes and explained the problem to them and they agreed that it was probably a MFG issue but I would have to pay the first $210 dollars of the repair. I asked them what kind of warranty this mower had and they told me a 1 year defect for the second time. Told them to fix it but would not be paying them for the work and called the 1-888-77lowes number and explained the issue to them. They assured me that this was not the case and would resolve it for me. Before leaving the store on 11-10-12. I asked about how long it would take to get it back and they told me about a week. Even I didn't think it would happen. I called to check on it on 11-15-12 and I was told that it would not be ready until Thursday the 22nd and someone would call when it was ready. I didn't think of it at the time but that was Thanksgiving day. Guess I was just being put off by someone to lazy to actually check on it. After waiting another two weeks 12-1-12 I had enough and went to the store and checked on it. After 10 Min's of waiting the Customer service teenager told me it was not back yet and someone would call me when it was ready. "No, I want my money refunded and get the store manager for me" With a snotty attitude she told me "She's the one who told me to tell you that". Again I told her "Get your store manager I want a refund." After a few more Min's a woman comes to the desk and starts to tell me that it was not ready. I asked her if she was the store manager and she replied "No I'm a Manager" again asked for the store manager. Five more Min's and I get The store manager. After explaining all of this to him and the fact the mower has a two year warranty not a one year warranty as I had been told 2 times. I have had my fill of the lies, attempts to cheat me out of money and the laziness of his employees to even check if it was ready. I explained at this point I only want my money refunded in full and not as any type of in-store credit. His response was I can't do anything until I find out if it is actually a Warranty issue. And If it was I would get it refunded on Monday.

For some reason I don't think its going to be that easy. Any takers on this. I bet I'm back on here posting how they are giving me more BS.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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There's so much fail in this post that I don't even know where to begin.

First of all, the one year warranty is through Troy Bilt, NOT Lowe's. By bringing it there you essentially are going to pay for a third party company to fix it. Lowes doesn't fix it. You should have called Troy Bilt ad they would have fixed everything for you.

And second, your entire tone is just so condescending, although, ironically, you come off like a complete *** and ***. You realize that if you go into these types of situations with a more positive attitude you'll get better results, right? You probably went in there screaming like a lunatic. If you went in there calmly, they would have been much more helpful, guaranteed. You sound older, but it seems you still haven't learned the basic rules of human interaction and grace under fire.