Atlanta, Georgia

We purchased a box of sale flooring needing one more box and were told by salesman that other Lowes had to honor sales price. They told us to call manager at Tuscaloosa, AL Lowes, close to us, and gave us the person's name and phone number.

It took nearly 2 weeks of calling to finally get the man on the phone. He never attempted to returned one of our 6 messages left. We went by after work and he was never in. The flooring sold out.

His response was "you could have talked to one of the other managers", and "you are welcome to purchase the flooring in another city at full price plus shipping charges." First, Lowes ---- not everyone knows you have more than one store manager!!! Second --- it is really rude to not return customer phone calls and messages.

Lowes - if you are serious about customer service, not wanting to *** off customers, don't hire people like this, and make them a manager!!! Signed, pissed off customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Retail Cops Suck just like Fun Cops!


I'll tell Lowe's that you are looking for him and you are upset because YOU weren't prepared for YOUR project. Why does everybody think a manager gives two f@%^$ about your "problem"?

What did you expect him to do? Let me guess....Pay a driver to go get the product. Also, you expected him to pay for the diesel for a truck that might get 8 mpg!! I know, I spend thousands of dollars with Lowe's so this should be done for you.

One more self entitled consumer!!! I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates.


Lol, new someone would sound off revealing themselves as a ***. The manager at this location is horrible and rude.

Its why I took my business to home depot. And I do about $22000 a month as a GC!