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I have purchased a washing machine from Lowe's about a year ago and had bought the service plan along with the machine and the machine broke so i called up customer service to file a claim about my machine. They brought out a tech.

to look at my machine and he said he had ordered parts. But after 3 months the parts had arrived and which i had to pay out of my pocket and the tech has charged me for the service out of my pocket. It has been 3 MONTHS since my machine failed and it is still unrepaired! I have a very busy day with a family and the tech has not keep his appointment times straight, i had an appointment with the tech at 5:45pm one day and i was prepared for him to come at 5:45 only but the tech called me at 11:00am saying that he would arrive in 30 min and he called while i was in college disturbing me from my work he has done the tech has done the same when i reschulded a week later and yet again he did not show so i called Lowes to get another tech but they still have not gotten me another tech.

when i bought the machine service plan they told me it would take an average 3 days to fix my machine and it has been 3 months and they never told me that they would send just an tech that probably has no experience on servicing my machine and i excepted store service techs not random service tech that just barge in at whatever time they feel like that behave unprofessional with my home, my time and my machine. I want this issue resolved AT ONCE I've had enough and want my machine fixed i would like to continue being a Lowes customer but i can assure you i will not be if they handle issues this way.

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Did you call 1-888-77-LOWES when you made the initial call for service? Lowe's doesn't have service techs at the store, so you will never have anyone with a Lowe's nametag show up at your door. Service is provided through repair companies authorized (and properly trained!) to fix the appliance in question.


Lowe's in East Fort Worth,Texas,has the worst customer service that I have ever seen.Not one employee gives a ***.

I wouldn't buy 10 penny nail from this bunch of dipshit's.


i've made some accusations against lowes but 1 thing I can say is that the appliance service plans are for real when used properly


you are completely confused on how a warranty works. have you contacted the service advantage hotline again.

because they can easily set you up with a different service provider, who by the way does not work for lowes and so fourth does not represent lowes.

obviously that service company is who you should bad mouth. you should notify the management in the store you purchased it from cause they may very well handle it there being in your current situation.


What phone number did you call to complain? Maybe I can lead you in the right direction on how to handle this.