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I understand Lowes will eliminate all employees commission as of Sat 2/11/12. While offering a concession formula of 2011 earnings which could compensate them at up to 50%, the loss will change the overall demeanor and personality of Lowes' employees. Why ? They are rewarding mediocrity, something which Corporate America cannot afford to do today and stay competitive.

After 2/11/12, no Lowe's employee in their right mind will call back customers, chase leads, spend personal time coming into the store off-hours to accomodate the customers' bids, or drive incentives or pitch a customer to buy. They get nothing for it now.

The odd thing is that this is a pattern. Lowes management has been instilling mediocrity in their employees for some time. They track sales by department and hourly overpay underperfomers with no consequence. Its one of the hardest places in the world to get fired from. The lazy department employees will now REALLY sit on their duffs and the good employees will be motivated to leave and/or also spend less time making up for the store's enthusiasm.

Sinking LOWE ....the irony is that when they track department sales a year from now and note a steep decline, their answer will be in black & white, right next to the red. More Lowes stores predicted closing in 2012 !!! Strike up a relationship with your neighborhood Home Depot'll take you further.

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Just goes to show how much they care about their employees. They treat the like dogs .understaffedand backstabbing.This is true I live it!!!!!

The end result is the customer ends up gettin some lousy customer service. Which is not right.


They have managers that watch *** on their new ipad that has mot their new ipads that has not been useful in the lowes experience of rhw future. I once interviewed a potential candidate with the store manager, and he wanted a particular associate in position to fulfil his sexual fantasies.

The associate that he and I interviewed far better than the associate in the store. This man has hired all young male associates eliminates older associates that will mot agree with his sexual suggestions towards them.


Im motivated. Motivated to loot this store every shift. Screw u lowes


I am disgusted with lowes.. Take our commission away and say the prices will b lowered to increase sales.

When will that happen? It won't because the manufactures paid the spiffs not lowes. This company has gone down hill since nib lock has taken over. Rick damron can go screw himself.

I feel so much better knowing every pay check is smaller. Since march 1st these *** have sold over 26 million in stocks.

What's that tell ya. Too bad that jet to Vegas didn't crash!!


I hope this company crashes and burns. I am doing my part to hurt sales.

Let a real company move to town that understands retail. I will pledge to do everything in my power to lose sales for this company. The madness is not going away niblock and damron. U are two of the dumbest CEOs out there.

You have killed this company. All your employees hate you and would not trust you on their home with change under the couch. I hope you get fired or bankrupt this company. Your nothing but lying cheating greedy snakes in the grass.

U Sure you have a few snowballed employees that confide in you but the ones of us with a brain of our own hate u and want to see you crash. Take my commission and stick it where the sun don't shine y'all *** bags. Congratulations on losing the trust all the good CEOs before you worked so hard to gain.

Guess it really does just take 1 bad apple. Or in this case 2.


Do paint associates receive spiffs/commission, because I was helped tremendously by someone in paint that knew his products (yes, all of them), techniques, coverage amount, etc to help me get the job done as quick as possible with no problem at all. I'll be honest the best service I've ever received at that store are individuals who aren't a "specialist" who love working for their company.


I find it almost hilarious that I see all these comments bickering and badgering Lowes. Everyone here has a right to leave and look for jobs elsewhere..

So go do it instead of complaining. Put your energy in finding a job where you get paid the same amount you did before they took spiffs away. We all knew this was a matter of time before this came a reality and now y'all act shocked and awed by it. Go work for sears I hear thy get spiffs but I bet you wont get paint anywhere near what you make for Lowes.

Grow up!

You make your own choices you don't like it then fine go find a job in this society's amazing job market. If not settle in for the long haul and make the best of your job.


:x :( :p :cry


Worked there for three yrs. and was given nothing for my work!

I would not advise anyone to go to work for LOWES!!!!!! 8)




Wow, to actually read some of these comments. First off, if you think prices will be lowered because of commissions being cut think again, this is corporate greed masked in the guise of change for the future.

Lowe's Corp. rode these peoples backs to sell huge ammounts of merchandise and when these salespeople met and exceeded all their budgets they discard them and toss them aside like a bunch of used *** Incentives and competition drives sales. They took away the commissions with no warning no regard to how this will effect peoples lives, but when you're getting million dollar bonuses its hard to relate to the minions that you rely upon. Its not all about cost of product, its the personal touch, its the saleman caring and informing, you think these people are gonna care now?

I would like an enviroment where the better I do, the more I sell the more I make.

This is just plain crazy. Who will drink the kool-aid.


I recently worked a part time job to make ends meet while I was a specialist the part time job went under from a corp office that did not return anything to the company. I will tell u all the bells and whistles they are putting on our new technologies are paid with our own dime.

As far as robert niblocks 1 million dollar sales bonus and their anual trip to vegas this year to discuss the future. I hope the jet they board crashes and burns to ashes this company is full of liars and cheats if you think for one second what they say is true listen closely. The script they read to us listed a complaint where a sales specialist refused to help someone who bought an appliance online and needed to send it out for re-pair or get a new one. First of all if it was being sent out for repair they would handle that at customer service.

If he was sent back to refund rebill one no *** would turn away the free money. Also it is said the associate said within an earshot that he wouldnt help the customet because he didnt make the spiff that the department manager would have to handle this. Please. This customer sounds to I.formed on how us at "lowes land" work.

If this was real id almost bet it was a former employee getting over on the company since it seams customers are the only ones ever taken care of by this monster that wants to be a fortune company. Pack it up. They whole thing is a lie to show fasle numbers increased by cut payroll to help fund the auntie anns being placed into stores. Anyone who this the lef 30% number is a reflection from lost incentive programs think again.

Further more its not only specialist its also dept mngrs and csa's in those departments. This my friends is the sea of sameness. Employees who wont care dont care and have no need to go the extra mile. By the way the increassed chances for ssei bonus?

From this impossible. Also the military discount in our area since we are inbetween 3 bases takes care of our margin so that we are and never will be close.


I would be more motivated and understanding if the senior management took 20 - 30% pay cuts also. To say that special orders will go away all together is a bogus outright LIE.

There is no way that Lowes can stock everything or have everything within a deliverable distance. This is just a joke made up by someone that convinced the presidents of this company that this is the right thing to do. It doesn't personally effect me that much since I'm in commercial sales and made 2K last year in sos/spiffs but I really feel bad for the people who didn't get hired in at a higher wage. I'm glad i fought and got the extra $1 per hour when i hired in.

I think the better alternative would to be just to lower the percentages of SOS commissions by half, that way if we want to make more we have to SELL more. I order #3 lumber, 2000+ pieces of tools, 4,000 painting supplies and 60,000 pieces of hardware on a single ticket and you're telling me that our distribution center is going to take care of the customer and i will not have to special order an item for them? That is a complete joke! The distribution center can't even get me the 350 screwdriver sets that i ordered for a customer in DECEMBER.

How are we going to have next day delivery on orders? Again, I'm able to take the 50% cut, but to eliminate them all together was a bad decision. One cabinet specialist is losing almost $12,000 a year. An appliance specialist losing 10k and a flooring specialist losing 7k.

WHY? I do not accept their reasoning.


Mr. Ferrell for everyones info works in a Lowes Store in North carolina. In the same area that produced the clampetts, Arnold Ziphel, Alf and ralph, Aunt Bee, Goober, Emmitt Sprague and my favorite of all Otis the town drunk


Mr.Farrell is probably one of those employees that the other hate. he is probably a snitch.

In Auschwitz he would have been the one telling the S.S.

guards which prisoners were hoarding food, or one of those probably extracting the gold fillings of the dead. Achtung Heer Farrell.


Mr Farrell...have you ever bought a dishwasher? Customers appreciate sales associates who behave like PROFESSIONALS and price matching will reign....spiffs or no spiffs.

A few years ago we entered the era of "shareholder return enhancement" wherein every nickel that could be gouged out of the nooks and crannies and especially the hides of the work force had to be used to increase or enhance the return to the shareholders, boosting margins and dividends by nickels and dimes to make the company look good.

So that was when many companies decided the spiffs would be better utilized to pad the bottom line and produce some minuscule increase in margin. Simple as that. Whether vendors continued to pay them to corporate or the company forges some BS line about better prices, this "savings" still pays back out at the top.

So we're talking about $$ being absorbed into the operations budget to pump up the margins and increase the annual bonus for managers.

Lowe's bean counters presented the executive figures where commission true value to the company lies in increasing his bonus, not in letting the peons walk off with them. Lowe's doesn't seem disposed toward treating it's employees better than does any other major corporation and lacks the creativity or energy to differentiate otherwise, thus they are a "slow follower" and a management disaster waiting to happen.

Why not kick HR off their lazy complacent duffs and ask them to recognize outstanding employees with a lead by example approach? you say this is a workforce reduction scheme ? You want to eliminate of 30% of Lowe's workforce by demotivating the high performers to leave and give the consumer the 70% left to work with less, on less pay, less experience.

Here is the Sales Associates role today:

When you aren't with a customer in the building you need to be:

-Calling your estimates, or any other customers that haven't yet bought

-Educating yourself about products

-Prospecting for new customers (Yes this could mean cold calling)

Say bye-bye to that type of work ethic.

Lowest Lowes is the Aldi of home products and hardware now ? Give us a break.


Yep, without incentives there will be no more well trained employees that care about upselling and going above and beyond. It will be just like HD number 2.

Lost 20 percent of my pay but they still expect me to be an interior designer, architect, planner and contractor for customers.

yea right. I will be the order taker and that is it, just like in all other retail joints


LEF (Lowe's Experience of the Future) stated that 30% of employees will not be able to or be willing to make change. With this change, more than 30% is now expected.

To those looking for new employment, good luck (I honestly mean that). Sears pays minimum wage + commission. If you don't sell much, you don't get paid much. Home Depot does not pay commission at all.

Do either of these offer employee discounts? With Lowe's decision to do away with spiffs, we can get lower prices from our suppliers 9since our suppliers were the ones paying the spiffs) & pass those savings on to our customers in order to stay competitive.

Once we have the lowest pricing & *** out the 30%, the customers will choose Lowe's for the best pricing & customer service (those of us sticking around will be greatful to have a job & will have pride in what we do). Again, good luck to the 30% on their career changes at Sears, Home Depot, etc.

@Andrew Ferrell

well its been a year and that 30% is alot higher isnt it? the people that made this company are leaving in droves, and so am I, been there 5 yrs. Enjoy the kool ade, lol....


I found out yesterday I will make $20,000.00 less slinging appliances in 2012. A heads up would have been nice.

However, I can put forth zero effort now and get half of what I earned above my hourly. Good luck to any customer who has any questions more complicated than, "where's the restroom."


If you are also a specialist in appliances try hard to send customers packing so the company can reap what they've sown. Maybe one day they will reverse this horrible decision.