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We love your store and spend quite a bit of money each year on rental property renovations. My husband frequently attempts to place most of these orders online to

1) SAVE TIME - the ready for pickup option is great! and

2) SAVE MONEY - by trying to go through the Upromise program which Lowe's partners with.

The problem we are having: The Lowes website (50% of the time errors out w/ a Javascript error) during the Lowes checkout when we place the order by going through the Upromise click through link. We are told by your customer support team it's because we are clicking through Upromise. They also advise they are unable to complete the order online for us and honor the 5% Upromise credit. We have ran into this situation at least 6 times this year where we are wasting ~2 hours on the internet/phone trying to get a large order placed.

Upromise/Lowes advertises 5% of every purchase which helps sway our decision to purchase from Lowes and not Home Depot. We apply Upromise credits towards our son's college savings. Please offer and honor these types of credits and if your company policy is to not honor them please remove your self from the program as it calls into question the integrity of Lowes. #Upromise #BROKENWEBSITE

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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Has nothing to do with Upromise. The regular website has the same issue, still.