Ballwin, Missouri

In St. Louis, MO both Lowes and Home Depot use a contractor named Trend to install kitchen counter tops.

I had heard bad things about them but didn't listen!

First of all the guy who was sent to measure was late. I was told that he would use a laser to measure, he instead brought long metal bars to measure. He then proceeded to bang those bars into my walls and pictures hanging on my walls!! No respect for my time or property.

When he was done measuring he asked me to read and initial several disclosures on his form. One disclosure reads that during the install if Trend damages my walls or cabinets it is my responsibility to repair their damage. After the display that this guy put on banging up my walls I certainly wasn't going to let them do anymore damage that I would have to repair. We discussed why they would not be responsible for damage, he couldn't assure me that they would repair any damage that THEY CAUSED, so I refused to sign.

Then to complete this fiasco the guy bitched to us that he "would be late to his next appointment".

Amazing considering that he was late to our "appointment". I was also told that I would be assessed a $60 fee.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States #679833

(1) you should of listened, your bad

(2) maybe the templater got there late because he had to deal with another customer like you before he came o your house

(3) there are many ways to template a countertop, lazers are not always accurate, so who cares, it's not their fault you were told wrong, blame the store on that

(4) so the walls were banged, not damaged, normal for any construction, just wait and see when you have any countertop installed by any company. You try carrying that extremely heavy material in a home, trying to avoid walls, etc

(5) they don't repair damage, they are not handymans :sigh

(6) that form is standard for every install, not just yours and people sign it everyday

(7) he had to leave because he got suck with your *** and the customer before

(8) a cancellation deserves a trip fee, he waste his time, gas money, and had to deal with your ***, he should of got more money

(9) refer to number 1

I hope you cancelled for the sake of the store and countertop company. You would probably try to rape both of them out of money for anything that happened, even if it was smallest thing. I actually feel bad for the templater that had to deal with you

Bear USAF Retired
to lesson learned Dalton, Georgia, United States #825589

Sounds like you carry a chip on your shoulder. You probably do installs for Lowes too....

Personally I agree with most of the things "Lesson Learned" said. If ANYONE is doing work in my house and damages something they should and will repair it. I was a contractor before I retired but I would never ask a customer to sign any paperwork to the effect that was said to "Lesson Learned", however if I damaged someone's property either I repaired it or got someone to repair it if I could not....

ALWAYS use a licensed and insured contractor. Lowes stores do not use licensed contractors in most cases and I have found they do not stand behind their work either.....

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