Mooresville, North Carolina
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We contracted thru Lowes Home Improvement in Mooresville, NC to have 2 vinyl fences repaired and a new gate installed. The contractor came out and estimated a total cost of almost $850 for the work and parts.

Our HOA sent the store a check for the full amount. After 4 months of not showing up and not returning phone calls and 2 calls to the store complaining and listening to the contractor service departmant make excuses for him, the contractor service department representative asked if we wanted a refund,, which she promptly sent.

We used a licensed handyman service and got the work done for $165, plus $50 in parts, he repaired even the old gate and saved us the price of a new gate.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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In Denver, Co

TJW Construction is the General Contractor, they don't actually do the work. They hire Sub-Contractors.

They are no different than the good ole (The Home Depot)

They are in all stores in Colorado and Wyoming. They get 10 to 1 Jobs.

While the small General Contractor gets 1 to 10 in all the stores, as you deal with the real Contractor.

Next time you pay for an install at your Lowes. Ask if the General Contractor, will personally call you and show up, not a Sub - Contractor!

Comment by the ( The General )

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