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I am a veteran, honorably discharged from the Air Force. Lowes says that they give a 10 percent discount to veterans.

The proof they want is a VA card. I can't get a VA card because I don't have a disability or qualify for low income. However, I am justasuch a veteran as anyone else.

If you served in the military, you are considered a veteran. YES OR NO???

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Check your state motor vehicle department.

Here in western NC you take your DD214 (Army) into your local DMV and for $10.00, they put the word Veteran on your license.

I also do not use the VA Card and always had a copy of my 4A Discharge card which I used.

Now you do not need it.

I have never had a problem with Lowes (or ACE Hardware) getting the 10% discount.

Even saved close to $800.00 on a new outside large Generator.