Little Rock, Arkansas
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I went to Home Depot to pick up a vacuum cleaner today. I found some on sale in the back of the store and walked up to an employee to ask if he had a dolly or something so I could get the 4.5 foot tall box to the front of the store. I'm 5 foot tall and 100 lbs, by the way. He told me all the dollies were outside or in the garden center in use and offered me no help.

So, he and two other employees watched as a drug the box slowly down the aisle and across the store. I scooted by at least three other employees who offered no help nor made simple eye contact.

When I came to a check out- the man working it told me it was not a checkout and the older woman sternly told him they check out people all the time, so he "made an exception for me." Wow thanks. They still offered no help with the box. On my way, out the door a customer asked if she could help me. We carried it to my car together.

What a bad experience. If I wouldn't have to carry that sand box back in the store, I would return and spend my money elsewhere.

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Fyi, Home depot is not Lowe's. And if you need help with something it doesn't hurt to simply ask.


It just amazes me how people can come into a store to buy a product and walk past the carts waiting at the front of the store for them to use. Why would you expect carts to be sitting all over the store getting in the way. Next time you go to a store, grab a cart as you enter the store so you have something to get your purchase to the register.