Baltimore, Maryland
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I have been talked into buying valspar paint by the Lowes paint department 3 times and everytime the paint performed horribly.

The paint I used in the bathroom had bubbles in it and it dried with bubles on the wall.

The second was a primer and paint combo paint that did not cover like the paint claimed and if you didn't paint fast the paint would be pulled off the wall by the roller.

Lastly I painted my front door and I have too this every year becaise the paint fades.

I have now switched to sherwin wiliams paint and have no problems.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I actually work at Lowe's in the paint dept and paint houses on the side for a living. The bubble issue your having is not because of the paint but because of the type of roller your using.

Its very important to make sure your surface is clean and free of debris. Make sure you know what your painting on top of. If the walls have a oil base on them, stick with a oil base paint or primer them with a oil base or latex base primer and then paint them with a latex paint. This will stop the problem of peeling and in some cases, bubbles.

IF YOUR NOT SURE OF WHAT TYPE OF PAINT IS ALREADY ON THE WALLS...POUR ALCOHOL ON A COTTON BALL OR RAG AND WIPE THE SURFACE. IF PAINT COMES OFF THEN ITS LATEX, IF NO PAINT COMES OFF THEN ITS OIL BASE. The truth about ANY brand paint that has (Paint + Primer) written on the front is ONLY for surfaces that are already painted with lightly colored tint and in good condition. If your painting over fresh wood, new drywall or dark colors, a pure primer is needed.

If your planning on buying primer, have a employee tint it gray for you. Gray primer tends to cover up existing paint a lot better (dark colors and stains), it will also bring out the true color of your top coated tint that you picked out....and in less coats. I have had customers come in and say they didn't like the Valspar Reserve or Signature and with just a few questions I asked them, 9 times out of 10, it was something that they didn't do before painting. Don't expect to know everything because there's always something new to learn about paint...that's what we're there for, to help you with your projects.

Hope this helps! :)


The paint seemed to apply well to the walls but when it came time to remove all the tape the paint peeled off with the tape. Now it looks like *** and have to redo the room or just live with the *** paint job.

I would not recommend this paint to anyone seems to be very poor quality paint for 45/ gallon. I wish I could get my money back

@Valspar paint is ***

You got that right. Cheap paint like Glidden is much better.

It's not just their paints that suck, so do all their coatings.

Google Valspar sucks. Nobody has had good experience with Valspar paint.


well my husband just had the same issue with a can of Valspar...peeled right off the wall onto the roller...not buying that paint anymore...


I am having the exact same issue, bubbles in the paint. If you try to "flatten" the bubbles, the paint peels right off the wall!

I primed the walls prior to painting, requested paint without primer and got it anyway. My son next door had the same issue. Valspar is ***! And for those here that swear on this junk has to be running PR for Valspar.

There simply is no other explanation.

I will be returning this product for a refund and if that is a problem for Lowes, God help them! :(


Not to be rude or frank but if this is true why would it take 3 times to figure that out? To be " talked into it" common sense says if you don't like it, don't use it.


You'd think you might have questioned buying their paint after the first bad experience but it's your own fault you bought it a third time.


Valspar from Lowes is absolute ***. Dont be fooled by this sub par non covering garbage.

Go with Sherwin Williams and before you buy into any other comments just look at consumer reports or any other legitimate testing and review co. Valspar is always rated Low.


I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Please tell me you returned everything!?


Haha you are just an *** who has no clue how to paint.


It's not the paint - it's the painter!! Valspar is an awesome paint.


Bubbles=roller used



you must be ***, ive never had issues with lowes paints