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I painted my entire remodeled house with brand new sheetrock in 2010. The paint was runny and the painter was shocked.

He recommended we return the paint so we took it back to Lowes. We were told it was a bad patch so they gave us a second patch of gallons of paint. With much trouble and after painting the house, we noticed it was not drying. As recommended by the Valspar representative at Lowes, we turned on the heat for two days to help the walls and ceiling dry.

It did not work. He said to turn it in blast a few more days. It did not work. We were offered a refund for only the paint as long as we signed a paper stating we would not hold Lowes or Valspar liable at a later date for damages.

Well it's December 2015 and the paint still sticks to everything. Everytime a picture is moved to clean the mantel there are new lines added to the mantel. During a visit, my mom asked me to place a new battery in wall clock. I told her I couldn't because the clock was glued to the wall because of the paint.

She then shared she too had used Valspar in her living room and the paint comes off everytime the sofa is moved away from the wall or something is placed against the paint. In addition her kitchen ceiling bubbled like plastic. So I will reconnect with the Valspar representative who told me they knew there is a problem with Valspar in the Texas region. Do not buy the paint if you love your home or even if you don't...

It's a terrible product. I have been told the only way a new coat will stick is to manually peel the paint off the walls!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Valspar sucks. Everyone should know that by now. You bought paint from a "discount builders supply warehouse" and you actually thought it was a good idea?