Wilkesboro, North Carolina
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I bought a Glasstop range 01-13. The glass cracked, and had white spots in glass, soon after purchase.

I never dropped anything on it. Lowes Service Advantage want cover cooktops that crack. They will make you, out to be at fault. They like to sell you extended warranty's but they want stand behind them!

Their service team, is the worst to deal with. Beware of wasting money on extended warranty for glasstop stoves! I am now spending my money at Sears. I want spend my cash in a poor service place like Lowes.

I spoke to several customer care exec's. No help with my range. 110.00 wasted on extended warranty.

I want buy no more glasstop stoves. I am getting a coil range.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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If the glass were defective it would have cracked well before a year and a half...usually before 6 months. I wouldn't cover it either.