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I made a purchase on Friday 8.29.14 for a washer, dryer and a microwave per sale man it would be available for del on Monday 9.1.14 the dryer was not in Stock I let the sales man know I prefer Thursday 9.4.14 he said no problem everything was set up microwave would take 14 days because it's a bisque color and it would be a special other I said fine no problem I was willing to wait on the microwave today at 1:11 to be exact I get a call the washer is not available only the dryer. Which I could not understand since the washer was in Stock Friday just not dryer so that means the washer I paid for with my other item was sold to someone else .

The gentleman said oh did they tell you the washer is not available I said they who I made this purchase with your company who is they he didn't answer and said he could not explained what happen nor he even said I'm sorry for the error nothing. I spoke to customer service in the store which they are no help because they cared zero about the situation, I came into the store cancel my order and I paid 1455.for three items but lowes was trying to give me back 1332. Instead I said to the cashier the amount is incorrect look at the receipt cashier and another cashier were speaking loudly two each other about person life and how she going home in 1 hr 20 minutes while my cancelation is being processed incorrectly. At this rate I'm irritated I explained she did not credit me for the warranty.

She had to do another transaction to credit the difference and during this whole ordeal no one even apologies for the error it amazed me not even customer service which is what they are there for to service which in this case it was a waste of time. So as a customer I took my money paid 100.00 more to another retailer's because it's not the money it was the principal behind it.

If someone would had acknowledge the error and said sorry. I would of been a happy customer but the lack of courtesy it's disappointing and alarming if they treated me this was imagine how many other customers and the out come is same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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