Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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Bought a refrigerator with them and haven't even had it a year and it went out so it's under warranty. It's been a week since I've contacted them about it and they have yet to get back with me about it!

I keep calling and they keep saying well we can't find someone to fix it so we will call you tomorrow then tomorrow comes around no call and I call them again and they repeat themselves!

I wouldn't be so upset but I have kids and a refrigerator is something we have to have! I will never buy from them again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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You are going about it all wrong. The manufactures warranty covers one year parts and labor.

You should be calling the manufactures toll free number for repair, not Lowes.

The manufacturer will send someone to repair it. Quit blaming the retail store when you aren't contacting the manufacturer who is responsible for the repair.


I'm in oklahoma by the way !