Colorado City, Texas
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i got rid of a washing machine as it started to leak.i bought a brand new washing machine from lowes.the delivery guys,farrell & jim, hooked up the hoses, pushed the machine back, talked a lot and left.they never checked the hoses or to see if it drained properly. when i used the washer, one of the hoses was not hooked up correctly and flooded my kitchen with hot water.

had serv-pro come in to dry up floor and now lowes expects ME to find someone to put in a new floor. i haven't been able to use my kitchen or my new washer in 8 days and counting. SRS, lowes claims dept.did not properly explain reimbursements, policy or general needed info. i had to call them every day with questions.

this was handled very quickly but with great disappointment. i will never use their services again.

they totally lack consideration for the customer. this has devastated me.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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They just flooded our home today as well, also with a washer installation. They also installed a dryer improperly last year and it overheats.

I'm glad they didn't burn the house down. This is two SEPARATE Lexington, KY Lowe's.


sorry, last post was written by me to cat


i am a senior with a disability. don't judge til you've walked in my shoes. maybe you should kiss my ---


Devastated you? REALLY?

Did it cause you great bodily harm? Are you still alive? Are all of your parts still attached to your body? UMMM yes then I guess it really isnt devastating is it?!?!?!

Its a flooded incenvience YES... devestating NO!!!

Im sure the party that Lowes contracts their deliveries to will take care of the problem. Maybe you should find something more DEVASTATING to WHINE about!