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Customers service, from Lowes

On Wed April 17, 2019 I contacted Lowes Repair about our LG Washing Machine. A lady Named Holly in New Mexico answered the call. Ms. Holly was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind person I have dealt with on the Lowes Repair services. I would just Like to THANK Holly for her expert help.
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Lowes Washing Machine Repair
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Good customer service

Lowes in Big Rapids, Michigan - Repair person

Last Thurday Samsumg repair man came, all he did was complain about where the drain hose was to low. He than put the hose in one of my clothes hanger. After he left we noticed that the crack on the front of my washer now had another crack. I'm so upset, we brought this from lowes with insurance thinking the washer and dryer would be the last ones we would purchase. I'm 77 years old and now feel that I have a lemon for a washer and it looks like nothing is going to get fixed. We really like Lowes and don't feel it is their fault.
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If llowes sent out this repair person, call the repair people at lowes. they can send a new person out or do a claim for the damage.

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Lowes Washing Machine Repair
  • Discount for veterans
  • Delivery staff
  • I liked them at the purchase
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Poor customer service

Lowes in Kinston, North Carolina - Will never go to Lowe's again

LOWES HAS TOTALLY LOST A LONG TIME CUSTOMER..... WE ARE NOW ON DAY 34 WAITING ON A PAID WARRANTY REPAIR FOR A BROKEN WASHER BOUGHT FROM THEM ONLY 3.5 YEARS AGO. WARNING TO ANYONE DEALING WITH LOWES....... JUST DON'T! Lowe's has gotten too big, and the customer just doesn't matter to them any longer. I'll be glad to go somewhere else where my money buys quality and better service. It WILL NOT be Lowe's Home Improvement in New Bern or Kinston, NC. Total disappointment. Even with their 5% Lowe's card discount, AND our 10% Veterans discount, it's just not worth putting up with their poor quality, horrible customer service, and extremely long repair times. Anywhere is better than Lowe's to buy appliances that you need to last more than 3.5 years.
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Why were you a long time customer if their quality is so poor? You realize that Lowes doesn't manufacturer the products they sell, don't you?

They offer appliances from a variety of manufacturers. It was your choice as to which one you chose. You don't provide any detail as to what the delay is. Is it a lack of service help or are they waiting for parts?

My guess is that you chose to purchase a washer manufactured in Korea and are now waiting for parts to get here from Korea. Not saying that the Korean appliances aren't good, but when there is a problem, repairs often take time due to parts availability.


I was a long time customer prior to this last fiasco. Should not take over 34 days to do a warranty repair on one of the washers they sell and service, no matter where it came from.

It took 14 days from the first phone call for their serviceman to come look at it. Their customer service is here in the US and very poor.

Slow, to say the least. Since there were no parts necessary to declare the appliance, “BEYOND ECONOMIC REPAIR”, your last statement is moot


Lowes has to work with manufacterers to get parts and ISP's to get repairs, and depending on the appliance can take a while. There is more to factor in then just Lowes, they don't make or stock the parts.


It took Lowes 17 days to send a serviceman out to look at the washer, called in on a WARRANTY repair. If Lowes can't do better than that, they will continue to lose customers.

I had to call Lowes 4 times over the next 14 days after the serviceman came out to push him to file a report that he told me he filed the DAY AFTER he looked at the appliance. He works for Lowes. Lowes never called to follow up after numerous complaints. The unit is beyond economic repair.

That was stated when the serviceman was there 17 days after I made the original service warranty call. So why am I still waiting 37 days after that original call, for a refund so I can go get another washer?

Why am I still going to a laundramat because I'm still waiting on a Lowes warranty repair 37 days after I called in for a service repair? If Lowes sells the appliance, and charges even more for an extended warranty, then the customer should not have to wait over a month for a required appliance for human comfort.


Your response is confusing. You say you have been waiting over 34 days for a repair but in your last sentence you say they declared it beyond economic repair.

Which is it? If it was declared not worth repairing you usually end up getting a credit towards a new washer from the service plan. Keep in mind the service plan is through a company other than Lowes.

Doesn't make a lot of difference what retail store you buy one of these service plans from, the repairs don't happen quickly. It will be interesting to see what happens if they ending up giving you credit to buy a new washer at Lowes since you aren't going back there.


A refund or replacement is considered a “repair” of a broken appliance covered by a LOWES warranty, for an item bought at Lowe’s. No matter who the warranty is through, when you buy a warranty on an item purchased at Lowe’s, then LOWES is required to fulfill the coverage, not any other company.

Beyond economic repair means LOWES is required to replace or fully refund the original cost on a LOWES gift card (absolutely refused) or a repayment check. I am STILL WAITING on that check

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Lowes Washing Machine Repair
  • Customer service was the worst
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Warranty issue
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Full refund

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