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I just switched to home depot from Lowes watered down paint .I had a problem there brought it to the paint station s attention and guess what .ur screwed the assistant manager Tim Swanson is a little mouthy *** that works there that has absolutely no people skills .and martin the drug attict in paints .they need to find people that help you not there to argue at u or wrongly match paint .just a warning !!go to home depot much better .I don't need a response back I'm just done dealing with that store bye bye to all the paint I buy there in that store.a holes

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Well, their paint department is awful , they have no system in place. I once bought two gallons of paint which were supposed to be flat.

Got it home and on the last gallon a few hours later and after I am covered in paint I found out that the second paint can was satin not flat. Which explains why the associate put his thumb on the dab of paint on the outside of the can. To dull it ya think? It's the entire experience at Lowe's that's awful.

HD is much better. People know what they are doing and seem to actually like working there. They say hello...they smile...they say thank you...

Today I was at Lowes to buy paint and the guy at the counter ignored me.

He proceeded to speak to the a woman who came over to the counter and flirt with her. She was put off by his behavior, especially when he started to lean over the counter and practically drool on her. She left and I was still standing there. He never once said hi, never said I will be with you in a moment.

Nada. Then another woman came over and he told me he was going to quickly answer her question before helping me. I could have had a question She went on at length so my wait was even longer.

Finally when he was done with her he looked at me and said "Gee, I didn't expect her question to be so long". I don't like going to this store at all, my experiences have almost always been negative.

Even one of the cashiers I have spoken to over the years told me the management there doesn't care. Imagine that ...


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