Riverside, Rhode Island

We had recently needed to replace a Water Heater and after we had a plumbing service come to give an estimate, ($1400.00, plus extra for electrician to do the hookup) this would have probably have come to more than $2000.00 to complete the job, so we decided we could save some money by buying the Water Heater ourselves. Well, went to Lowes, found a Water Heater for $254.00 and while there, noticed a sign for installation for an additional $289.00 !

sounds good right ? Well, we thought so too, so decided to pay $35 to have Lowes come out to do a measurement and make sure estimate would be accurate. Water heater here was over 75 gallons so we were told it would be an exrtra $50. Still sounds good but then the technician said he would have an electrician call that night to come out to see what connection would also cost.

He never called that night so I called the next day and was told that Lowes does not do electrical connection to Water Heaters even though I told the Install Department that we were told he would call us. At this point i asked to speak to a manager and was forwarded to him. He also reitterated that Lowes does not do electrical connections, so i asked him to have the person who came to the house for the estimate, to call me and explain why he told us that an electrician would call us. The manager refused and told me that we misunderstood him and at that point i became irate.

I told him that if I misunderstood him, then I'd like to hear it again from the installer but he still refused and said that the installer is a contractor hired by Lowes, and dealing with him would not resolve the problem and that my solution was to talk directly to Lowes. At this point, I got off the phone and decided never to shop at Lowes again and went to Home Depot, bought a Water Heater for the same price, and found out that my brother knew a plumber. That same night, the plumber came and hooked up the water heater, ran new copper piping, and we paid him $220.00. He had asked for just $150.00 !

He said he couldn't set up the electrical connection because it was wired for "off peak" so he had an electrician come the next day. Electrician came next day at 12 noon, had it all wired up in about 35 minutes and asked for $40.00 ! We gave him $100.00 ! We found that it's best to talk with friends and relatives before you get scammed by these disreputable big name rip-off artists.

I'll never shop at Lowes again because they were dishonest and refused to resolve the problem with me on the phone and not let me speak directly to the person who lied to us in the 1st place.


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What happened to that man was outrageous and Lowes behavior was pathetic. I will not be hiring anyone from Lowers for any work.

That man was contacted only because Lowes had posted him as the person their store used to complete an installation. They should have found someone to do right for this person. Looks like as soon as money is given to Lowes they don't care about the customer. Lowes has horrible customer service when I go there and ask about anything really.

That's if I can even find someone to talk to. They all act like I am a bother for stopping them to ask where something is.

I came on this site looking for a water heater and was also going to have my shower updated. I won't hire someone from Lowes.


My experience with Lowes was a nightmare! I will never use them again,


I had Lowes put in a water heater which does not work after 4 visits by the man who Lowes hired him to install the water heater. Now there is a leak in the bathroom upstairs that he was in but said he did not touch anything.

Lowes would not come and fix it for 3 days.I t is not fixed. Now I have 2 water holes in my ceiliing and a hardwood floor that is buckling. Not to mention a hot water heater that does not keep the water hot. They will not take the responsibility.

That is the Wheatlands store and I will never set my foot in the store. Really, you will have a much more pleasant experience if you use one of their competitors.


Mission plumbing is the best. Highly professional and reasonable price.


We had a similar experience with Lowe's installation department, made appointment to have estamet for new decking on front porch, Lowe's rep never returned a call.

Even went to store looking for the guy and got nothing but excuses.


*** story!! Lowes only hooks up the water heater.

They are not electrical contractors and would never mess with it. They don't do electrical.plumbing nor construction.

Only item install. Lmao





my parents just bought a hot water tank in ashabula ohio at lowe and a year later the hot water tank stop working and lowe sent a contractor and charge my parent 118 for 5 min and said it is not the hot water tank it is th breaker box and arming and lose wire . told them never shop at lows. but the lowe icing my dad a hard time.


2014 January. Arranged for Lowes to intstall two water heaters.

Originally was told it would be roughly $700 to install the two units. Later that day I was charged $1000 since the original quote didn't include expansion tanks (for code compliance) and associated install fees. The plumber was supposed to stop by that day to install. A day later we had to call the plumber to see if they were showing up.

Spent about 15 minutes looking at the leaking unit and said he would submit a full quote. Next day nothing. Two days later and only after numerous calls got a quote for $1700 to do the work and that did not include the heaters! They wanted to charge me $300 each for new flexible exhaust pipes ($40 new), $200 for expansion tanks ($39 each at the Lowes).

The list went on and on. I went and got my money refunded and hired a plumber who did the work for less than $400.00.

I'll never use Lowes for an install again. Completely out of line and their one day install is bull.


These complaints and reviews are EXACTLY why I try to get as MUCH information as possible!! I appreciate EVERYONE'S input and comments, positive and negative!

To me, it's not enough to be able to figure out the costs/extra costs/ratings/etc on HWHs (among other things), it's the knowledge of what COULD happen when you make purchases, and that's how all you folks helped me out.


I had a flooring contractor come to my house to install some flooring. The first time the flooring lasted a little under a year before starting to come up.

So I called Lowes since it was an install from said store. They sent someone out to look at it. Said it was an error from the original install. At a cost to themselves they sent us new flooring and another installer came out to redo my floors.

The installer was truly amazing.

The man even stopped what he was doing to help me find my dog who had gotten out. My floors have been in for over four years and I would recommend them anytime.


First of all, the parts to do an install are at Lowe's. Come on!

Second, let me explain BASIC Install. Basic is just that. each home and situation is different. Upcharges accomodate the differences.

Are all homes built the same? No. Do consumers alway buy the same products as they currently have? almost never.

I know times are hard but quit trying to get free stuff by whining.

If you make a habit of it. Word will get around.


Couple things.

1) This is an old post, so issues in 2008 are different than 2012. New Whirlpool gas models with 12 year warranty with energy star ratings have an electrical plug in requirement and most code will specify a GFCI outlet and dedicated circuit, but that will vary on location. Lowe's does not install the outlet, you have to get an electrician for that, then they can do the install once the outlet is up to code. This is NOT the issue the original poster is talking about.

2)Code varies from location to location and install pricing is going to vary based on situations. Extra charges may be associated with the install to account for piping changes (such Polybutylene conversion to PEX), the fact an 80 gallon water heater may require more than one installer to lift into place, city permit fees, expansion tank installs to meet code, gas flex line, dialectric pipe fittings for anti corrosion, etc.

3) As stated many times, there is no scam, and the various competitors will require all the same things. You can get a plumber to overcharge you or a friend to help you out, you can go to a retailer to sell you the unit they offer and cover the sale (extended warranties available and for water heaters, a good idea if you can't do an install or repair yourself), or you can learn how to do it and save some money. Plumbing is considered difficult because people haven't done it and/or heard of or had bad experiences with either old piping or *** items. Feel free to disagree but I have explained how to do many household installs with great success, and I'm a computer graphics major, not a plumber.

4) Whirlpool water heaters are manufactured by American Water Heater. It's just Whirlpool by name. If you have a unit with a model number that starts with "FG" you have a unit that was part of a product recall and class action suit. It's not really a recall, it's do the thermal couple being a left thread instead of the standard right thread. So when the pilot goes out and you try to replace the thermocouple and it wont work. You need a conversion kit. They are given letters based on your model number. Call whirlpool 800 number for water heaters and they will send you the kit to convert the water heater. Lowe's also has these kits in some stores FREE TO CUSTOMERS, and stocked them as a convenience to allow repairs to happen without waiting 3 days for shipping of parts. Lowe's has to pay a small fee for these kits and many stores no longer stock them. In some cases on those models, the gas valve can go out, this requires you to get a new thermostat box, sold at lowes, but you can get credit by calling the Whirlpool 800 number as well.

5) Finally, any retailer location can be full of people that don't really know what they are doing. Some say Depot has worse employees, some say Lowes, some say the local hardware chains are bad like Ace etc. It all depends where you are. Pick one, talk to the sales person and ask questions. If they can give you straight answers that make sense, go with that location. If your whole point is to rip on one location over the other with a broad stroke, you really don't make an intelligent point.

I work for a retailer and we laugh about this type of comment daily. I can't count the number of times I've heard a customer say "well, maybe I'll just go down the street to 'insert competitor here'" Fine. Believe it or not, there are in fact enough other people in the world besides you or the small circle of friends you might sway, to keep us in business. Plus it helps that I actually know what I'm talking about when I'm selling something, so as a general rule I see more repeat or referred business than I do customers that take their ball and go home.

@Salesman X

About Lowe's management going the extra mile is bull feathers... the one experience I had was he did not care and became bent out of shape when I discribe the individual who's service I was unhappy with, and used the word female.... the manager was so rude and unreasonable that I contacted the regional Maneger to complain.


I highly doubt you talked to a manager there. I have taken way bigger hits than a lousy water heater install.

And Mr "I am a subcontractor for lowes and they dont sell the supplies to install them with the water heater" Go read your lowes Sub Contractor agreement. It clearly states that ALL necessary supplies aside from heater, stand, drip pan, are provided by YOU!

Keep going to home depot, they will *** you off eventually too..... Douchbag! :x

@Lowe's Manager

You are a Lowe;s Manager???? You should be fired....but you probably won't b/c that is how Lowe's treat their customers, you don't like it o somewhere else, you will eventually get pissed off too.....You are representing the company very well

@Lowe's Manager

The thing with Lowes is that they nickel and dime you. They advertise the installation is 250 in my market.

Then I had to buy installation kit (35$), then I had to purchase a "State Inspection" for $49, then when the installer showed up, he "found" that I will need a new valve shut off b/c the old one is not gonna give him enough room...ah how much?...$75.

Then when I called to complain about how expensive this is getting ($75 to install a shut off valave) the answer was if you don't like it install it yourself or get another installer....of course they know I am onsite and need to get this done and they happily take your money!!! Lowe's is a rip off


I purchased a water heater from Lowes and shortly after water was leaking in the over flow pan. One week later I am still without hot water and trying to get this resolved.

I have been switched to phones that ring and ring and not answer.

I have been told all sorts of conflicting things. None of the Sales People know what an over flow pan is.

I would never use their installation service again.


I install for Lowes Company, as a plumbing contractor. Lowes Co.

is filled with the elder, young , and infirm, so you haven't a lot to work with in the store. In the last 12 years my company has and still experiences the most ridiculous situations in the stores. Sales clerks, and members of management. poscess little or no training in the merchandise that they sale .

Therefoe they don't sell merchandise necessary to complete the jobs successfully. upon arriving on the job we find that what was purchased by the customer, won't fit or requires a special installation kit. often when you contact the installation team, the response is " Why can't you just take care of it."This is directly effects the subs, bottom line. and it is very difficult to collect additional money from the customer or the store.

Why can't a multi Billion company, spend the money to hire qualified sales clerks and managers. this alone would improve the pprogram.


I went to Lowes for a est on window installation. Sure enough $35.00 for a est.

After bickering with them,,no charge.

I guess its meant to stop people from wasting their time. But they did say if purchased the est would come off of final price.