Redwood City, California
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Price Affordability

I went to lowes to purchase a water heater and 4 employee's walked past me without asking if I needed help. Once I did have some questions it took about 10 minutes for someone for that department to come and help.

When I asked about the energy efficency on the one I was interested in he wouldn't even come over to look at it and said I need to look it up online.

Worst service, I will never shop at lowes again. After talking with friends they have hade similar experiences at this lowes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Should be a big sticker on it that tells about the energy efficiency.


So 4 employees walked by you and none of them asked you for help, the real question is why didn't you ask them FOR HELP RIGHT THEN AND THERE? Don't expect others to do something you won't do yourself. You had just as good as chance as they did.