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I purchased a Weber 4burner gas grill and explained in full detail what needed to be done so I could connect the grill to the gas line from my house. They Totally ignored my instructions did the reverse and when the grill was delivered and the connections did not work I spoke to the manager from the store and he said that is to bad my fault I then canceled the$2100 Weber grill told thedeviery guys to take the grill back.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What are you even complaining about?? The grill can only be ordered with Weber's hardware options.

For liability reasons, it can only be assembled per the manufacturer's instructions. If there is a need to customize the hookup to the gas line, that IS the consumer's risk and responsibility. Porch.com to find an installer, if you were not planning on diy.

Lowe's would only hook it up if you have prepared a hookup that it will hook to. lol


It can only be ordered with the manufacture's hardware options. It can only assembled per the manufacturer's instructions, for liability reasons.

Any aftermarket customizations would be solely the risk and responsibility of the consumer.

Having your gas hookup plumbed so that the grill could be connected would be your responsibility. Porch.com is one resource you could consult to find an installer, if you were not planning on diy.