Scottsdale, Arizona

Feb. 2013.

I heard they took away employee incentives (spifs) from someone who works at Lowes. Home Depot did that and look at what became of them--horrible service. I don't go there unless I have to. Circuit City took away incentives and they were out of business after 4 years.

Don't kid yourself, Lowes may reduce the prices somewhat, but corporate will pocket the money and take kickbacks on annual sales. Lowes doesn't pay their employees much, so there is a high turnover. You can't make a living on $12.00 an hour. Watch their sales go down and employee morale hit bottom.

From what I understand, it already is. Watch service go into the dumper. Why should the employee care when the company doesn't care about the employee. I've already experienced poor service at Lowes and so many of their employees don't know anything about plumbing, electrical or gardening.

I have to go to Ace Hardware and to plant nurseries.

Corporations don't understand that when you pay your employees well you get good people. They stay and work hard. Companies have got to give employees incentives. People don't work for the "company" they work to support themselves and their families.

I give them six months to one year to loose business. They are going to become another HOME DEPOT.

Pretty *** Lowes and greedy!

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You should try talking to a specialist in the department your shopping in, your average sales associate isn't going to know everything in every department, if that was the case they wouldn't be just normal sales associates. Try finding a specialist in the department.


I've worked for Lowe's for 6, almost 7, years, and I completely disagree with your statement. I work in Long Beach, California and my co-workers are OK with the change.

Our customer service scores havae doubled since the spiffs were taken away, and no one is looking for a new job. Different strokes for different folks, so don't put every store into one pot and turn up the heat!



Lowe's does not care period. They are all about the share price at the end of the day.

The HR office posts the price everyday. The employees are just a tool. If you can live with your parents earning twelve dollars an hour great! But if you want a family and you want a college education you can pay for without handouts and loans, don't work for Lowe's.

They do all they can to get you to leave after you have been there a while, so they can hire someone with less experience and certainly for less. I went to work for Lowe's because they were different and seemed to care. Boy was I wrong! Customers beware the service is going to suffer this year.

Corporate America's new mantra "Be thankful you have a job". Remember high unemployment works in their favor not yours.


Not sure what happened to the 2 billion profit that Lowes made last year. Did someone buy another plane or maybe take the board of directors on a shopping spree?

I guess the CEO decided he needed another fancy ride. Did you know that over five years he will make 29.5 million dollars? How does the pay scale work at Lowes? This is a great way to lose hundreds of employees who have served the company for many years.

Awesome job Lowes! Hope your stock tanks!


It is not just the appliance specialists that make considerable income on spiffs. I work with a great cabinet specialist who may not now be able to make her house payment.

Also, a flooring specialist with a new baby that is now looking for a new job. Millwork, electrical, plumbing and OPE made spiffs from special orders and installs which require lots of work. It is greed by higher-ups and I am actually hoping sales drop to teach them a lesson. Each year they take away something...Christmas bonus...etc.

Don't work for Lowes. The slogan they keep telling us is "I am Lowes." Not!

People work for money. Not because we LOVE our employers..wake up!


out of 120 employees only 13 made over $250. in 1 year in spiffs.Only the Appliance Specialist are complaining, if you don't like it go to work for Sears selling appliances...oh that's right they only work on commission.... HH Greg doesn't pay, depot NEVER had spiffs...


3 things.

1.) Lowe's pays decent wages for it being a huge company and having large stores. $12/hr. is good pay actually if you MANAGE your money right. For someone who is single or a couple who are married with no kids or if both work and have at least one kid only, you can make it work.

2.) A career is a matter of opinion and perspective. You can make a career at working for a place like this without being in management. It's a similar deal with the definition of success, that's a matter of perspective and everyone has a different view of what that is for themselves.

I do think Lowe's is greedy and that they're screwing their employee's but this is America and unfortunately if you want a job/career (whatever you want to call it) then it's best you shut up and go to work if you expect to pay your bills and not drain the taxpayer to take care of you and your kids if you have any.


Home Depot never had a sales commission program for it's specialist or any other associate.


Most big box stores have done the same paying nothing, and most are part-time and living on government subsidies. It is sad but I have seen this first hand.

They pocket their profits while the taxpayers left are subsidizing their employee's.

The motto is someone else wants your job, so if you don't like it quit. Most don't have benefits and when they do opt for the healthcare, they can't afford to pay their co-pay.


I,ve been a sales specialist (flooring) for 4 yrs with LOWES. This corporate move is not surprising, something had to give.

The attitude of the management staff is deplorable. They actually taunt us about the loss of our income.

All of the commisioned sales people understand why this happened and we are trying to make this bad situation tolerable. I am leaving this company, I have been Interviewing with another company and will have an answer from them this friday, they told me its between me and one other person, I hope and pray that I will be giving my 2 week notice this friday.


It's not a good thing for employees when the company does away with vendor spiffs and they need to adapt to a lifestyle change. At the same time I see the reasoning behind a company's decision to do this.

Lowes cannot have the vendors dictate what their sales people sell based on spiffs.

When the lower margin brands pay spiffs the sales people will push those products that may only have a 15% profit, while the brands that carry a 20%-25% margin and do not offer spiffs are not emphasized by the sales people costing the company huge profits lost. In the end its just the way the industry is, most companies caught on to this years ago which is why very few offer any type of vendor spiff programs.

@You S2pid ***sumer

Lowe's still gets the spiffs from these companies. They put the money in their own pockets instead of passing them down to the associates.

Just another way that Lowe's takes from their associates.


What is minimum wage again? What do these specialists get paid?

Which is higher? Exactly.


Got an Idea Nikalseyn lets cut your wages by a 1/4 and see how wonderful you feel.


Lowes pay LOW wages. Spiffs are the only way to get ahead.

Without spiffs, most Lowes employees will take a drastic change in lifestyle such as "do we eat or pay bills?. It is fine to talk bad about a bad employer. If "nikalseyn" had any morals, they would shop elsewhere. They want the deal and do not care about a Lowes employee.

Try living on Lowes wages.

You can actually get food stamps while being a full time employee of Lowes. Lowes "open door policy" is "out way or the highway".


Working for a corporation like Lowe's is not a job to make a career of, unless you go into management. I like Lowe's and buy all my appliance there because they not only have free delivery, but also sell most popular major brands.

I suspect your are displaying sour grapes because you work at Lowe's and are worried you will lose your spiffs.

If that is the case, you don't belong working for Lowe's under any circumstances. Never talk bad about your employer.


I worked at lowes and trust me the pay is low and not much room for further advancement.