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I purchased kitchen and dining room floor tile from Lowes and contracted with them for the installation.

The tile was laid the wrong way and the tile was laid unevenly. I told them I wanted it taken out and reinstalled correctly.

They refused to tear out the tile but said they would take out the uneven tiles and replace them. As they tore out the bad tiles they chipped the adjoining tiles. As they tore out the tile they have damaged the backer board, it is broken down to the sub-floor.

It has been over two months and the job is still not done. There are more bad tiles that should still be torn out.

I have no time of completion. I will never use Lowes for anything else again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $5200.

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I was recently told that Lowe's hires "sub" contractors to do all of their installed jobs. They care so little for their customers they will renew an installers contract even if 10% of that installers jobs had complaints about how the job was done.

.......they shouldn't renew a contractor if there was ONE complaint !!

Or better yet, hire a team of their own installers and train them well.!

Lowe's is a wretched corporation that all I hope is in receivership in the very near future !


Same problem I have right now. $9,000+ in tile installed very poorly with high and low spots.

They blamed the floor, which is in a 10 year old house on a slab with other rooms tiled perfectly. Then they charged for tile leveling.

They still made huge dips and gaps, uneven grout lines, tiles I'd stub my toe on because they're so high. This is a pretty amateurish, yet pricey, junky tile job.


Lowes screwed up my $10,000 tile job. Lippage all over the place.

Uneven grout lines. Baseboard at wall has 1/4 to 1/2" gaps. Looks incredibly horrible. They stink.

DO NOT USE LOWES or you'll regret it.

It also took over 4 months to get this *** tile job installed. And they charged me MORE for being "picky." If I was a billionaire, I'd buy Lowes out and fire them all then burn the stores to the ground.


I'm floored (no pun intended) but I cannot believe they would charge yiu THAT much for a tile job ! Well I guess I can considering they quoted me 30k for kitchen cabinets and countertops ( no appliances.

I've done an entire home remodel for just under 30k. Custom tile showers., tile floors in all the wet areas, new laminate floors, , new carpet in thr bedrooms, entire gutted bathrooms , kitchen. Windows , and a new deep well, pump and tank. Tell Lowe's to come get their poorly installed junk tile out of your home and refund your money , if they don't file in court on them (after giving them a 30 day notice to remediate the situation in a certified letter then if they wont, file in small claims court.

You can sue up to 5k. With the 5k you can purchase new tile from home depot or your local diy store and hire a local contractor to break up your Lowe's tile job and install new one. Get references and check them before you choose your own installer. You shouldn't ever pay more than 2.00 to 3.50 a sq ft to have tile installed ( depending on where you live) .

Good luck....I hate your having to do this extra work, but it just goes to prove Lowe's does not care about their customers after they take your money !

Oh last thought ....NEVER pay for the entire job until it is completed satisfactorily.

Give them a 50% down payment and the balance when the job is finished to your satisfaction.


As a licensed NC contractor, who only builds one or two extremely custom homes annually, I can tell you that wanting to pay 2-3.50 per square foot will inevitably lead you to this website. A good tile installer will usually almost exclusively lay tile, he will give a square foot price after analysing the job(showers and tubs with surrounds are more) and quality work is usually quoted in the 8-10 dollar range to the consumer, including all materials.

To a builder that regularly uses the sub, it will be slightly cheaper, and if as a builder you have a job getting financially tight, sometimes do you a solid and drop to around 6 dollars per square foot. A good tile layer will spend too much time on each and every tile to try to compete with subs for less, but in the cuts, layout, and smooth joints, you can see a huge difference...when you are investing 10-12 dollars a square foot, do it once, and dont ever try to save a few hundred dollars on a extremely permanent floor. If I needed a tile guy and didn't know anyone, I wouldn't hire anyone who told me how great he was.

Also, never use a rubber shower pan anymore. A person knowledgeable in their field knows of all the paintable/fiberglass products that are far superior for custom showers.


I also really hate Lowe's. I just bought a home so I wanted to sign up for their credit card because I knew there was a lot I wanted to do.

The process took and hour and forty five minutes because the cashier didn't know what he was doing. He kept asking the manager for help and instead of taking over the process, she kept reading her magazine and yelling answers to his questions. He entered all my information wrong and I have had to call customer care almost everyday. Later they charged for 19 gallons of paint when I bought ONE but didn't charge me for 19 boxes of tile I bought.

When I tried to have it corrected--something that would have refunded two hundred dollars-- the manager told me he didn't believe me and he couldn't do anything for me.

I hate Lowe's have had nothing but problems. :(


Your transaction is on camera. Every transaction is.

When I bought cabinets and was to have them installed and delivered they charged me for a double order then claimed I took the second set home. It went all the way to corporate with me getting a demand letter from a lawyer.

They claimed to have a u r veil Lance of me loading cabinetd.

a corporate rep came down and theonly ttapes of me showed me writing checks and walking out with a newly purchased tape measure and a fan.

they had to give me 800.00 for the bogus phantom cabinets. Watch your bills guys.Some loads msmake lots of padding mistakes


Sorry you have these problems.I am an installer for Lowes,knowing their products you probably got defective material.Everything they sell is junk. Most likely any material they order will be a different shade.

Tell them to rip it all out and start over if they wont contact corporate and complain that usally gets people moving. GOOD LUCK


Keep calling and calling. They have to correct the install and make it right.

I wish you were in my area, i would have taken care of you and this would have never happened. I am a flooring specialist and I am ashamed that this has happened. I take care of my customers from beginning to the end and beyond. I want happy customers and returning customers!!!

Dont stop untill they take care of you and your happy!!! dont sign any completions untill it is to your liking.


Thanks for the helpful ideas. I will do as you say.

The local lowes manager as much as called me a liar. I will go over his head.


Contact the Better Business Bureau and District Attorney Consumer Fraud, both are online. Join Angie's List, they are great!

Do not waste your time arguing with Lowes, let them know you mean business! People need to be made aware of your complaint and it will hurt Lowes business.


I agree with Birdwatcher. I will be contacting both Better Business Bureau, District attorney consumer fraud and a lawyer that specializes in no lemon law.

I bought a stove a year ago from Lowes and had several repairs done on it since I bought it. The oven still does not work after all of those repairs so I demanded that they replace it and they gave me the run around saying that the first year is under manufacturer warranty and has nothing to do with them and that I would have to sue the manufacturer to get it replaced. Ridiculous. I bought it from Lowes not from the manufacturer.

Either way, Lowes is a scam, selling defective products and taking advantage of hard working customers. They should be more than ashamed.


Even though I completely agree that Lowe's needs to be shut down. The BBB isn't going to do anything for you .

They have a PAID membership program. So businesses can buy their AAA ratings. It wasn't like that in the past but now it's only about who pays and who doesn't. I would contact corporate ONCE and tell them this is there ONLY chance to correct any issue you have with them.

Sit down and clearly write a letter to them stating what you said over the phone, what the issue is and what you want to have the issue resolved.

Give them a 30 day time frame to have the issued resolved and if it isnt, take them to court ! (Send the letter certified)


Forget the Better Business Bureau. I call them the Worthless Business Bureau.

Contact your state attorney general. Give them copies of what you paid and pictures of the way it looks.

I guarantee you will get action.


Contact Lowes Customer Care at 800-44-LOWES, let them know what its going on tell them you want to speak to District Manager only! They have to replace the tile and compensate you for your time.

Once you ask for the District Manager they will know you mean business. Be persistent follow up with the customer care center twice daily off you don't get what you want from them ask for their supervisor,and so on.