Mooresville, Indiana
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Bought a dishwasher from Lowes in Mooresville Indiana with warranty. they will not answer questions, send a repair person in a timely manner, talk politely, or do anything to help a 59 year old professional.

I have talked to all and they just make excuses while being evasive and rude. I have spent close to 10000 dollars with these people who think people like me owe them a living. They keep asking for irrelevant info to stall. They ask over and over again for our information that they have and we have supplied numerous times.

I spent 125 dollars each time their defective equipment has been installed. Their equipment is defective and the factory confirmed it and yet they let this go on. We have spoken politely to the mgr. asst.


the head of appliance dept. a spokesperson etc.

Reason of review: wont let people who work for Lowes in Mooresville IN make me upset.

Lowes Cons: Not being honorable in business and promises.

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Your not alone. New dryer broken.

After 3 weeks and 2 visits from their incompetant repair company, need to order another part. So it will be 4-5 weeks without dryer. No biggie to them. They just say nothing meaningful on the phone.Once they hang up, you are no longer remembered.

That is customer service today.

Hey, Home Depot!! If you want to take over Lowes, offer REAL customer service.


You don't say if this is the one year manufacturer warranty or service plan (kicks in after the 1st year). If you are talking about the manufacturer warranty the manufacturer is responsible for REPAIRS under the warranty.

The warranty calls for repair, not replacement. If the manufacturer isn't getting the repairs done you should be complaining about them, not Lowes.