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We purchased carpet from Lowes 2 years ago and moved out of the house this summer to a new one. When we moved the furniture the carpet was lighter where furniture had been.

We vacuum weekly and have had the carpet cleaned professionally twice. We called Lowes and they sent out an "independent" carpet company to look at it and they said it was due to fireplace, a smoker or candles. We don't use our gas fireplace, we have never had a smoker in our home and we don't burn candles.

There was a 10 year stain warranty and they will not do anything about the $6,000.00 worth of carpet we purchased and we will have to replace our 2 year old carpet before we can sell the house. Do not buy carpet from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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Lowe's doesnt honor the warranty. If you have a problem its with the carpet MFG.

Lowe's is a good company but why must they take a loss when the carpet MFG handles warranty problems.

Know what you are talking about before you start bashing someone. Had you been listening or reading the contract before purchasing the carpet, you would have known this.


First of all I am not a mid informed consumer. I know the carpet company carries the warranty but lowes is the place we bought it from and they have been horrible to deal with on this. If you can't add anything to the conversation then don't say anything.

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Here we go again, another misinformed consumer. Get out you warranty and read it.

You will find the warranty is issued by the company that made the carpet NOT Lowes. Why are you blaming the store when they have nothing to do with the warranty?

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