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After a grueling month without an ice maker, and many technicians in to try and fix our new refrigerator, we finally have resolution. The New whirlpool gold refrigerator has an issue that is unfixable!

Great news, we bought the extended warranty and it will be replaced! Not so great though! After I had to call Lowes again, no call from them explaining the resolution, I was told we will be issued merchandise credit for the purchase price and tax. The fridge is no longer on sale so we will have to pay another 200.00 for the same one!

It is also out of stock until August! More bad news, we bought the 4 year warranty and they will not reimburse us so we can but a new one! They said we have used it up! However, if they had been able to fix the issue it would still be under warranty for 4 years!

This is terrible business and I am going to have to buy another warranty and pay full price! Where is the logic that the warranty will not carryover or we cannot get the credit for one!

This is once again another example of how a company could have better customer service programs! Next time we will go to Home Depot!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Did you take the time to read the terms of the warranty BEFORE you bought it? Most of these service plans limit what they pay out in repairs or replacement to the purchase price of the product.

By giving you a credit for the purchase price plus tax, they fulfilled the terms of their contract with you. They owe you nothing more. Keep in mind that if you hadn't purchased the service plan you would have an unrepairable refrigerator.

Why would you expect them to give you a refund on a warranty that paid you the price of a refrigerator? There would be a lot less complaining if people only took the time to understand what they were buying before they made the purchase rather than making a lot of assumptions about what they bought that are unrealistic.