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My husband and I had all new windows & doors, puchased at Lowes and installed by Lowes, put in our home approximately 2 years ago. ALL of the windows have condensation, which leaks onto our window sills, and all are drafty.

ALL of the doors have horrible drafts and the windows within the doors have condensation and leak as well. You can actually see outside through one of the french doors we had installed. Despite attempting to contact the representative we worked with on several occasions, we never received a return call. I have since contacted the corporate office and I am awaiting a reply, if it ever comes.

If you live in the Parkersburg area of WV, I would highly recommend you use some other company for the purchase and installation of windows and doors. It is ridiculous that we spent over $9000 on these windows and doors and instead of our utilities going down, as expected, they have actually increased.

We would have been better off to keep the sliding glass doors and single pane windows we had prior to our purchase.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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Try a professional installer next time. Installers at big box stores don't have the customer base to have their own business. That's why they rely on other sources to provide business.


Condensation is mainly caused due to excess humidity.Together with such clear explanations - it is a well-researched blog indeed! I hope to read more of your work in the future.Suggest you to meet window choice.


When did you report this to the store? The installers are required to give you a one year labor warranty from the time of installation.

I know that Lowes is only closed 2 days a year, so you should have been able to contact them SOMETIME within the warranty period.

Sounds a little fishy to me that it didn't happen the first year, but suddenly it does now.


I tried to contact them on several occasions. I even went to the store and was told I would be contacted.

They didn't return my calls. I emailed and the guy said that he would call, but didn't.

I was pregnant at the time and both my parents were diagnosed with cancer during the year warranty period. After several attempts & giving birth & having a newborn, not to mention having to help my parents, I gave up for a while.


You need to check the humidity in your home. Condensation is caused by excess humidity in the home for the temperature outside.

There would could be a few reasons for condensation now when you didn't have it before. First is higher humidity which could be caused by a number of things. Second is that the windows could be more airtight and there is less air circulation past the glass.

Third is that you may have bought an inexpensive window that didn't have the insulation qualities of your old windows. My guess is that if you have problems with both the windows and doors you have too much humidity in the house.


Its time for people to learn that most of the contractors that they hire at Lowes and Depot are guys who cannot get their own business going. They pay half the going rate, and keep the other half.

Find yourself a good contractor and you will get what you pay for. Usually this is all an installation problem so it can be fixed, they just do not have the ability

@Paul-***tractor 30 years

That is one of the real issues. They contract with companies for cheap so the labor is cheap.

Hire a good contractor with good references


The customer pays $99 for blinds to be installed but Lowes pays the installer $400 the store makes money on the product not the install. Also installers have to be insured and bonded for over a million