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New window installation from Lowes in Mesa AZ

Had new windows installed on 3/2017. Installers were here and did a good job. They pointed out 1 window was scratched and one screen torn. They said they would tell Lowes about it. 2 weeks later and they said they knew about it and that the screen would be replaced during the summer, while we were back in MN. And the window would be waiting for us when we return. Got back to AZ the 1st part of Nov, 2017. No new screen. Called the same # and they knew nothing about my situation. Went to Lowes Wi dow dept, they were going to contact Kevin, the salesman who sold the windows. Went there 2 weeks later and they said they would contact him, although nothing was in their records. Another week went by went there again. Now I am told they don"t work with the window salesman and give me his cell phone# called twice and left 2 messages, you guessed it, no return calls. We went to complaint dept, they assured me it will be taken care of. Finally got a call back, they said they will come out and take a look, but they didn't know about the screen. Told me they would be out on Jan. 15, 2018 between 1 and 5 pm. No onw showed up, nobody called.
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Lowes Window Installation
  • His total lack of concern for my needs
  • Window people blowing me off and not returning calls
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Order processing issue

Lowes - Window Installation Review

Bought 6 windows from Henderson Texas , took almost 5 months for them to get installed. First windows showed up and they were not right size. I still think they never got them rebuilt. Could not get anyone from store to respond unless I sent nasty note to corp customer service. Installer had a really bad attitude, he broke bricks loose and then was upset he had to repair them. He's as bad a brick repair guy as he is a window installer. Quality of windows absolutely stinks. There manufacturer should not be in business. I told lowes in one email I did not want to talk to anyone from store again, they have no comprehension of the words "do not want". I have requested my money back, I'll buy windows somewhere else and they can pick their junk up out of yard. They do not listen.
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Lowes Window Installation
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Order processing issue

Lowes in Louisville, Colorado - Waiting for window to be installed 2 1/2 months later.

So disappointed. Ordered our window from Lowes in August. Waited for the window to be made and shipped to Lowes, then waited for the Installer to call us and set up a time to come install the window. They wee 2 weeks out. The day that the installer is to come install the window, Lowes calls and says that the window is broken and they are going to order another window and once it is rec'd at Lowes the installer will call again and set up a time and day to install it. The window arrives at Lowes and the installer calls to set up a day and time for installation, I ask if they can make it in a day or two since this is the 2nd attempt at installing the window. They say no. So we wait the 2 weeks for them to come and install the window. On the day they are to come install the window; we get a call from Lowes saying that the window is broken, again. I talk with the manager Dominic and let him know that we would like a discount on the window and that we would like that it be installed as soon as Lowes gets the window again, so we don't have to wait the 14 days for installation. He said that sounded fine. Called Lowes and they said that the window is in and that the installer will call to set up a time to come install it, installer called and said that no our schedule is full and the only time we have available is 9 days from now and if you don't take that time that it will be even longer untii the window can be installed. Very rude. The whole situation has been unacceptable. Will never buy windows from Lowes again. It will take a lot for me to purchase anything from Lowes in the future.
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I'm pretty sure the employees at the store did not break your glass on purpose. They do not and cannot control shipping from the vendor or the trucking company that takes it to the store.

They do not control the installers schedule. They try to provide you a product and service but cannot oversee the window from vendor to your home. I'm sure you were put out and believe you are deserving of some sort of discount. I can only imagine the attitude and frustration that was on display when you were told the second time it was damaged.

It's a window... 94% of customers are saying that they had great service and will recommend friends and family to Lowe's.

You were in the 6%. I'm sorry this happened to you.

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Lowes Window Installation
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Damaged or defective
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