Lowes contaminated our home with lead dust during a window installation in October of 2014. This was a result of their failure to adhere to the EPA's regulations for RRP.

When we asked them about what procedures should have been followed we were first told that Michigan did not have regulations that needed to be followed (false) and were then told that the installer was trained to be able to visually detect the presence of hazardous materials and he did not note any concerns (the lead dust samples showed contamination in the entire home at levels 5 times the safe limit). During the course of what they call a "settlement" they actively attempted to minimize their responsibility by fabricating material facts and attempting to obtain estimates for lead abatement by companies who had never seen the home. We were offered a srttlement amount much lower than the documented damages and told that they may be persuaded to increase the amount if we had our attorney contact them and explain what argument they intended to use in court.

The kicker is that they never finished the project, still owe us windows, and never refunded any of the $35,000 that we paid them. As of the date of this note we have a home that we have not been able to occupy since October of 2014 and hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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