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We had Lowes install our new kitchen granite countertops in their new countertops in our 2 1/2 bathrooms. When the installers came to install the countertops the kitchen countertops fit and looked outstanding.

However, the bathroom countertops were apparently measured work but improperly and did not fit. The installers had already removed and destroyed the existing countertops so they could not be set back in place. Additionally, while attempting to "make" them fit there was extensive damage to the walls.

This occurred in October of 2014. Super Bowl weekend January 2015 the new cabinet countertops were installed in repairs are made to the walls.

We spent the Super Bowl weekend with our children out of town in Nashville Tennessee and return two days after repairs were completed to find the house flooded from the top floor down. The extensive damage included flooding in three bedrooms two bathrooms the entire kitchen living room and dining area. I first called the Lowes was made as I was standing amidst the flooding with water coming from the ceiling fans and light fixtures as well as flowing into the air-conditioning ducts in the floor. To date our insurance company has paid $129,000 in actual construction cost as well as approximately $12,000 in relocation expenses.

It is now November 2015 nearly a year later and we have just completed construction. Perhaps the greatest frustration was that Lowes denied any responsibility and referred us to their "subcontractors" I'm still paying for the countertops and installation and have nothing to show for it from Lowes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $145000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Pros: That i did get the discount.

Lowes Cons: Problem solving skills.

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#1078080 always want to have someone at the home when anyone is doing work, or even paid to clean the house..always....just too much could go wrong, stolen, gone through etc

That's crazy. .I could not imagine walking into you would see on a movie...I have a friend's mom whom had lowes install kitchen laminate floor..not a very big area, and they pulled the dishwasher out to install "the right way" they ruined the dishwasher, and messed up the floor and cut it in small sections and they sent people out, take pics, sent peple from the manafactor's been 4 years and she eventually just "ate the cost" and she had someone else to fix it once she realized they would not help, and found they didn't lay floor right, and there was a small leak from dishwasher that was seeping under the laminate (she has issues with it bending up, they tried to say because she used water to mop cause it) and it leaked through her walls, and into her laundry room and down into basement from when she ran the dishwasher and didn't know it was leaking. Had mold growing and everything..these peple are like 70 ish and sure had no pulled the dishwasher out or anything since lowes workers had...but thank goodness their insurance state farm helped them and got things replaced