Mount Holly, New Jersey

I went to lowes with 2 receipts from 2 competitors and no price match on RV antifreeze. They did this before on other items in past but I'm sick of overcharging for products.

They want 5 bucks for what others charge 3. Lowes sucks. Support your local hardware store. The worst part is that the customer service lady at the timonium store made me feel like some kind of cheap skate.

I went to Walmart they had for 2.97 I went to delta lumber they had for 3$ I brought my receipt and it was not matched.

I was purchasing 10 of them so maybe that's why. I am disgusted

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I'm just saying what the clerks can't. I'm just doing my job. Protecting and serving the retail world.


Per our price match guarantee. In order for us to match prices of one item to another they items have to be the exact same brand/model/specs.

Sounds like you have a different brand so the policy doesn't apply. However if you came into my store and had a receipt for antifreeze at another location I would match the price just not give the 10% off.

Its called taking care of the customer and most likely we have that type of product marked up 60% do we are still making money. No brainer...sorry you were dealing with idiots.


Heartless and RetailCop - why post just to insult people? This is THIS PERSON'S experience.

Why come along and post nastiness anonymously? Does it make you feel big?

RetailCop, give ME your address and I'll send you some receipts.

Put your money where your obnoxious loud mouth is. I call your bluff, troll.


Send me your receipts and I'll give you the $20.30!! The customer service lady was right!!


RetailCop what is your address so I can send you the receipt? I expect you to send me the sales tax refund too.


My store Menards laughs at you people.. BUY IT AT THE OTHER PLACES THEN.

Also, for a price match it has to be exact brand. That could be the problem here.

You come on here and pissed about what? I will say it one more time so you get it BUY IT AT THE PLACES THAT SELL IT FOR LESS!