Fremont, California
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My mother in law has been diagnosed with leukemia and has been admitted into moffitt cancer center in Tampa fla. I called and asked for a personal leave and was told by my HR manager I couldn't get it approved because there was a lot of work on my shift to be done.

I thought lowes was about family.

Well I guess not but I want to talk to someone other than the ones at my DC because this is unfair. I'm asking for personal because it's personal.

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You may want to consider filing for the Family Medical Leave. Print the forms and take them to the doctor (or ask your HR for forms).

If you meet the employment criteria with Lowe's then you are eligible for the leave (up to twelve weeks a year, and Lowe's doesn't have to pay you for the time you're out, but at least they can't fire you or retaliate against you if you are out. I did this when my mother was sick, but it applies to in-laws too.