Dalworthington Gardens, Texas
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I'm supposed to be a truck unloader and was hired as a truck unloader. but they have me working in lumber.

My hours is part time so I can focus on school. And I'm supposed to be working nights and they have me working during the days and at the wrong hours and the wrong position what should I do?

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Talk to your Dept manager or HR manager. They may have put you in that position to fill in a open area that is needed and there's no truck for the night maybe.

Don't let them take advantage with your schedule if they know your going to school and give them a copy of your school schedule, even working part time is consider to working anytime you available so if they are scheduling work at the same time u have class then you make sure they have a copy of your schedule.

Lowe's will move your position anywhere needed if there's no need of unloaders that day due to when there's trucks that night. Hope everything turns ok for you.