Columbia, South Carolina
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I work at Lowes for mor thank twenty years and then was told i made to much money and three people could work ther for what i was paid so they found a way to get met out the door. I am an older person and have not been able to find a job for over two years.

I triedto go back to lowes to work and seem to not have what it takes to get back to work for them.

The only thing i can seem to find out is that i have been BLACK BALL by management so they dont get my business and anyone i talkto about any home repai i tell them to go to Home Depot they may get help but at least they have choice.

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Good job Lowe's for ruining so many life's !!!!! Letting go people that bust thier *** for you for years.

Keeping the people who don't give a *** about thier job and get rid of the ones that do care about thier job and make a living . Yayyyy for you !!!!!! Do you really understand or know how many of these employees and thier families lives you just screwed over ?

These people you let go do not deserve this at all ! Maybe you ( Lowe's ) should look at upper management like corp instead of theses people trying to live and make a future for themselves and try raising thier families


Same experience but from different Location in NY state. Took 5 months to find job.

The way I. was dismissed was unfair. Looking back, last 2 years, I endured a hostile work environment. The store management team was mostly unqualified, untrained and unprofessional.

I discussed my case with an attorney and he said he could get my job back but I could never force myself to go back. Most good managers make their own success. Working for Lowes is the fastest way to kill a retail management career.

If you are looking for a job as a manager, I would stay away from Lowes. Just look at all of the customer complaints.


This is now how an employee should have been treated after any length of service. If true this shows very bad company policy and it should be investigated by the company upper management and local labor agencies.


Talk to an employment law attorney.


100% accurate. They don't care about who works and want 3 people working 10 hours, not 1 working 35. They also don't care if 1 employee has to cover multiple departments.


Get a job as an english teacher.Spelling is your forte!


Get a job in hospitality, you seem to be so friendly & understanding