Parlin, New Jersey
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services

Everything you have said is so true. Customers screaming at you blaming you for bad product policies are always changed depending on managers I.think there are some stores that have Dept.

Managers as MODs and store managers as service managers who gets yelled at and degraded DMs no extra pay for extra responsibility. Back stabbing cut throat coworkers ,good workers abused and thrown out as long as you are kissing managers xxx your golden. Lowes doesnt care about customer service or employees warrenties are rhe stores bottom line I will never buy one once you do you're SOL.

I really enjoyed working there in the beginning now I dread it So customers sometimes when employees are short its because the are pushed to work hard multi task and are not trIamed. It's all about lining management's pockets they dont care about you or their employees.

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